London Golf Club – Targets A Younger Market

London Golf Club – Targets A Younger Market

london-luxury-week-2015-300x120I have never been a fan of Golf until I watched the Seve the Movie, a movie about the life of the world’s most charismatic golfer, Seve BallesterosI cried and cried to see such commitment at such a young age. The loneliness that these professional golfers sacrifice to become the worlds best.

London Golf Club

When MenStyleFashion was planning London Luxury week, we wanted a golf club to become part of the week’s events. As we have a resident ex professional golfer in our team called Lewis Jackson, I asked him which golf course he would like to try around London. He told me he wanted to play at the London Golf club. He said: “I have watched the greatest players at London Golf Club but I have never played on this range.” Lewis used to train up to 12 hours a day to become a top professional golfer, you can read his story here. He was so excited once he got the confirmation to include London Golf Club as part of Luxury Week London and play a round on this epic course. 

Lewis Jackson living the dream wearing Galvin Green

Lewis Jackson living the dream wearing Galvin Green

Lewis Jackson My Dream Come True

Lewis is an introvert so someone like me can be very overpowering. When we pulled up to the range, well, I kept calling it the field, Lewis was nervous. He kept reminding me about the protocol and you have to be quiet. Whatever you do don’t go up to people trying to interview them. Lewis explained that men out here are focused and want to just play golf. I got the message.
However, I did not get that opinion after meeting Daniel the manager and the rest of the staff of London Golf Club. I thought Lewis was panicking over nothing and that in the world of golf for 2016, they are ready for characters like me and anyone who is committed to play the game. Most of all, have fun was welcomed here. Whilst Lewis was having a great time doing his rounds, I was taking time to interview Daniel.

London-Golf-Club-MenStyleFashion-Luxury-week-London-2015.jpg-Blue-Suit Dom Reilly mansbag gym Galvin Green London Golf Club menstylefashion 2016 (26)


Boy did I have fun, of course I interviewed. Of course I went up to men asking what were they wearing and what is so appealing about golf? Of course I was loud and of course I just did what I do best. Get stories and interviews.


In this interview, Daniel explains why he dresses so well and what the golf peacocks are wearing in the world of golf. Daniel looked so good we had to take shots of him too. MenStyleFashion is all about the men on the street, well in this case, on that golf range, hitting their clubs, which I kept calling sticks. I was corrected every time I used the wrong words but they got it. I was an amateur and I’d love to come back and hit a few balls on that huge green lawn with my sticks.


London Golf Club

  • Website:
  • Address: Stansted Lane, Ash, Nr Brands Hatch, Kent TN15 7EH United Kingdom
  • Phone: +44(0)1474879899

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