The Nadler Victoria Hotel Review – Cool Luxury

The Nadler Victoria Hotel Review – Cool Luxury

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london-luxury-week-2015-300x120Did you know that according to Mr Nadler, the owner of this hotel, that Victoria is the new Knightsbridge of London?  Knightsbridge is where the famous Harrods store is situated, and is one of the most prestigious places in London. So it’s a big statement to make, and boy did he state it clear to us. MenStyleFashion reviewed the Nadler Victoria as part of Luxury Week London.

The Nadler Hotel Victoria is perfectly located close to Victoria Station. This is a central London railway terminus and Victoria Street, the latter is named after Queen Victoria. When you fly into London Gatwick, the station most passengers arrive in by train is London Victoria station, generally known as Victoria. We were the first press to be asked in to review this hotel and we were there on Day two of the opening. You could smell the fresh paint in the rooms and the bed linen I slept in had never been used. I interviewed Mr Nadler and he explained the concept behind this hotel and it is all about sustainability.

No Restaurant In The Hotel

Just steps away from our Royal neighbour, next to the new St. James Theatre, The Nadler Victoria provides privileged access to London’s landmarks and Victoria’s new developments alike. Therefore, The Nadler Hotel Victoria does not have a restaurant let alone serve breakfast. The simple reason is it is surrounded by an ever-increasing number of restaurants, bars and gastro pubs, so this vibrant neighbourhood presents guests with a wealth of choice. More exciting new dining experiences will be coming in 2016, with the likes of Jason Atherton, Will Ricker and Jamie Oliver all opening restaurants in the area.

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The bed cover

Brown The Trending Colour

The Nadler Victoria interior was all designed by Mrs Nadler. She is French and she took full responsibility of the interior design of things. So much so I was excited to see that the trending colour for 2017 in this case already 2015 is brown. I was surprised to hear that the art on the wall has been designed by Mr Nadler’s son, let’s keep it all in the family. One of my favourite parts of the room is the sliding door which opens to a kitchen full of coffee treats and everything that most hotels don’t have. Also a tiny water filter which means you don’t have to use bottled water or in most cases, run to the toilet to fill up your kettle. The beds and the linen were amazing and really soft.
The hotel has free WiFi and more importantly, it is really fast. In my line of work, when internet is slow then it is going to get ugly down at reception. Well done Mr Nadler for making us feel so welcome and supplying fast, free internet.
I am proud to say this is my first ever interview with a hotel owner and what better way to start than with Mr Nadler. Listen to what Mr Nadler has to say about his hotel and its philosophy. Oh by the way watch what happens in my interview when Mr Nadler makes an entrance like no other, on to my bed. Well in this case, his bed.

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