The best way to understand what customers need is to think like a customer. Imagine step by step what if you were at an online store. What is your main aim? We believe that every visitor comes here to find something he or she needs. In case people find something they are interested in, they become your clients, which means the results of the search play one of the most crucial roles in such a business. So, your task is to provide users with the best searching conditions that allow them to find anything they can think about. Otherwise, you can get stuck and earn money if your visitors will not be able to find what they need.

If you start to think about possible variants on how to optimize the searching process on your website, hold on and read about what we have for you. The ultimate extension for Magento that is capable of dealing with all your problems in this niche. Do you want to learn more?

Benefits — reasons to choose

There are too many features that make this plugin unique and useful, so we can’t tell you fast about them. But before describing the main features that are the core of this add-on, we want to take you through numerous exciting peculiarities that will make you understand why it’s a great choice:

  • Google is being used as a search engine. Allowing users to easily search your website’s content from the Google search box is an excellent idea. This increases the chances of gaining new customers and increasing sales.
  • You already know that analytics is at the heart of a successful organization since it allows you to address current issues and prevent future ones, which is why having some reports to look at is essential. The first report is a list of the most popular search keywords. Then there’s the matter of size. The number of requests made and the number of times clients clicked on them is also included in this report.
  • Transferring to the right page. There’s a chance you’ll end up on a 404 error page, which isn’t an enjoyable situation. So that your customers don’t end up in this situation, the module redirects them from 404 pages to the search results they need. If a user comes across a product that is no longer on the list, the module will lead them to a page with similar products. This can save you a lot of money. Additionally, the plugin allows buyers to find the exact match. This means that users will be routed to the proper website rather than browsing results if only one product is found.
  • It is necessary to use separate pages. You can create one-of-a-kind pages with their own meta-data that seem identical to the rest of the catalog’s pages. This is intended to make catalog management and SEO optimization more convenient. Create landing pages for a wide range of terms and phrases. It could, for example, be a page dedicated to a certain request that only shows products that are linked to that request. Furthermore, it is rather simple to create and maintain such pages. In a variety of situations, customers may be led to landing pages. It’s especially important if they’re hunting for certain words. To avoid producing a mess, you should use caution when utilizing this feature.

If you’re interested in learning more about this module, you should know that the Elasticsearch Engine is used by a lot of global services that you know well (e.g. Wikipedia).

Main Features

Now, when you have an understanding of what’s happening and what to expect, we can take a little more detailed look at other features that require more complete descriptions. There is still a lot to explore, so let’s not stay for too long.

Automation for for filling in

Auto-filling allows users to complete searches considerably faster and saves a lot of time. The add-on, which anticipates future purchases, advises customers to choose one of the available possibilities. Additionally, when customers are typing a product’s name, the TypeAhead feature evaluates the most common requests in the store to provide the best selection. Elasticsearch users can also use the Fast mode. What further advantages does this feature offer?

  • Management is straightforward. Choose the type of data that will be displayed in search results.
  • Diverse content is essential. This search yields, not just product names, but also additional details. This makes it easy for people to find the proper page, for example.
  • Popular Lookups. Allow everyone to see what the majority of people want. Promote your special offers or the most popular items by using the top chart of searching inquiries.
  • On a mobile device, it’s ready to use. Compatibility is always advantageous, especially nowadays. Mobile devices are significantly more commonly utilized than PCs. As a result, having autocomplete in mobile versions is a huge plus.

Searching Options

This function recognizes exactly what you want because it analyzes all inquiries and presents users with interesting offers. As a result, the first page should always include what clients want to see in order to convince them to stay. You can also control the positions of specific commodities on the sites on your own after making a specific request.

Another important consideration is morphology. People may make mistakes, resulting in no search results, which is unfortunate. This is entirely unsuitable. The Magento 2 Elasticsearch module uses cutting-edge technology to provide similar searches with the correct Morphology you may have been looking for.

Filter you can apply and searching features:

  • Alternatives are suggested. For whatever reason, you may not have the desired product in stock right now. The module displays the most similar results currently available to avoid upsetting clients who are looking for this item specifically.
  • Requests that are related to each other. Displaying what other customers with similar tastes are looking for is another way to present a good option. Consumers can use this collection of similar requests as a guide.
  • There are several languages to choose from. This advantage is also worth mentioning: all of the features are language-independent. As a result, the Elasticsearch add-on provides a platform that is extremely customizable.
  • Through the use of code. Look for products that have codes that have unique symbols in them. Because online shoppers may search for items by SKU and ISBN, the process is sped up.
  • Words that stand out. Another feature that helps buyers to find exactly what they want, even if their request does not fully match the product. Simply make a list of words to improve the precision of your search.
  • Without this addon, all misspelled requests would be disregarded. Meanwhile, the module automatically corrects any incorrect phrases, ensuring that users receive the best possible results.

Facilitating the search

Any content that appears in the web version of your shop can be found. To put it another way, you can look for it if it exists. To be more specific, here is a list of content genres that consumers might be looking for:

  • Third-party plugins are available. The content of other plugins and other systems can also be scanned by this module. You can look through the WordPress Blog or the Knowledge Base, for example.
  • Content designed with you in mind. Connect data sources you think will be useful to your clients. Because of the addon, this content will appear in the search results.
  • All product attributes are considered during the search process.
  • All of the matched categories are visible to customers.
  • The addon will also allow customers to see the values of specified properties.
  • CMS pages were built. Aside from that, all pages that match the request will be shown.


In terms of speed, the foundation engine ensures that customers may find products in milliseconds. This benefits your company because it has a substantial impact on customer feedback and sales volume. Today’s package has the following elements in terms of speed:

  • The navigation is divided into layers. Unlike the MySQL request in conventional Magento, which is slow and consumes too many resources, this plugin speeds everything up and keeps the servers from being overburdened.
  • Large catalogs and high-traffic websites demand a different approach. As a result, this add-on uses a cluster to process data using many servers, allowing you to maintain top performance for your online store.


To conclude all we’ve learned about the Elasticsearch Magento 2 extension, we believe that basic features aren’t required. For such enterprises, search is a focal point, and if you want to make money and build your company, this module can certainly help you. Even if you believe that purchasing such extensions is costly, you should always be cautious and consider the long term. Such a wise investment will save you a lot of money in the long run and enable you to make even more than you could previously.