“If I were a betting man” used to be a pretty popular phrase back in the day. But it has taken on less significance over the years because a lot more people happen to be betting men given how easy it is to wager on various outcomes nowadays.

Being a betting man doesn’t necessarily mean one has to bet on sports but, of course, sporting events are the most punted on out there. If you’re looking to get into betting, you could find tips and other useful information on the Bookies Offers homepage.

This year saw betting evolve somewhat. The COVID-19 pandemic seemingly made sports a thing of the past, with leagues all over the world seeing their seasons coming to a screeching halt. Punters were left with very little to place bets on but some bookmakers got creative, offering odds on movies and television. Michael Jordan’s The Last Dance, which was quite timely given the NBA shut down, was one of the shows fans could have made wagers on. You could have made some coin betting on whether or not MJ would cry in certain episodes or if the word “gambling” would come up. How could it not when we’re talking about His Airness, though?

There are actually a lot more non-traditional betting subjects out there and some of them might shock you. By now, it’s probably well known that you could bet on WWE wrestling, although it’s clearly scripted.

Here’s a weird one: there are bookmakers out there offering odds on UFOs. You read that right, you could place a bet on the year we will come into contact with alien lifeforms – you can bet on the possibility of aliens making themselves or their tech known from 2020 and beyond. Given the way things have turned out this year, we shouldn’t put it past 2020.

Believe it or not, Ferret Bingo is also a thing and one you can bet on if you’re looking for a really fun one. Numbered exit tunnels are picked as winning numbers based on the animal’s choice.

There are a number of other strange bets you could find if you search hard enough. Why restrict yourself to sports betting? Get out there, man.