Makeup For Men – A Trend Or A Fad?

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Makeup For Men: The Revolution

I hear my named called. I take a deep breath, put a smile on my face, and stand up. It’s 6am, and I’m about to step into a career if not life-changing interview. Even though the 2 hours of sleep and countless drinks- thanks to my friend’s bachelor party- have left my face drained of color and my eyes with dreadful bags under them, I’m not at all worried about how I look. I shake my future boss’s hand firmly and give him a dashing smile knowing I couldn’t have looked better; not because of my inherent good looks or an ability to look awesome no matter what, but rather because I use makeup.

Makeup? For men? What? It may sound strange at first, but makeup for men is a rapidly growing trend. That’s not because men want to look feminine or girly, but because more and more men are starting to realize the importance of their appearance. They are coming to understand that their appearance not only plays an important role in their social life but in their professional lives as well. The world we live in is increasingly competitive which is why, along with our qualifications, our appearance is the key to success.

Why Wear Make Up

I started wearing makeup because I was tired of living with acne. Tired of being insecure. Tired of being ashamed. Tired of not living the life I wanted to live. Although I was intimidated to try makeup at first, that intimidation disappeared as soon as I noticed how good I looked and how good it made me feel about myself. Talking to that pretty girl at the bar wasn’t out of the question anymore, social gatherings weren’t terrifying events, and meeting new people was actually starting to get fun. Looking good really did make me feel good.

Refine For Men, a student-based start up from Los Angeles, has become the leader in the makeup for men revolution. Its founder, Edgar Osorio, a student at the University of California, Santa Cruz, has brought to market the first makeup for men line specifically formulated for men and is making waves for its easy use and undetectable coverage.

Refine Make Up

In the company’s first six months since launching, they’ve already attracted more than 1,000 customers and hope to expand their line of male cosmetics to include a face wash and lotion and body wash by next March. When asked why he thought makeup is a growing trend he says, “Simple. Men want to look good because when you look good, you feel good; when you feel good that brings about confidence; and with confidence, comes success.” Edgar says that even though big name celebrities are introducing their own lines of male makeup, he has no fear that will affect his sales, but instead raise awareness that makeup for men exists and boost his sales. Unlike other makeup lines, his is specifically tailored for men; starting with the easy application of the product down to the product presentation and packaging.

When asked how he would respond to those that say makeup is only for women he says, “When you think Refine For Men don’t think bright and shimmery. Refine For Men wasn’t made to beautify a man but, rather, to refine him. That’s where the name comes from because looking manly doesn’t mean you have to look scruffy all the time. We believe a man can look manly and still look good. I mean, really think about it, you only live once, why not look your best?”

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Your Style - MenStyleFashion Followers

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Your Style - MenStyleFashion Followers

Your Style - MenStyleFashion Followers

Your Style - MenStyleFashion Followers

Your Style - MenStyleFashion Followers

Your Style - MenStyleFashion Followers

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