Male Cosmetics – Pure Altitude Reviewed

Male Cosmetics – Pure Altitude Reviewed

In this intoxicating surroundings, where mountains meet the sky, a simple flower has resided for ages. Yet its herbal strength is so grand, it captured the imagination of Jocelyne Sibuet. A line of cosmetics was born. In search of the fountain of youth, we zoom onto three different ranges of the Pure Altitude collection and giving one product of each a fair try. Inspired by the original purity of mountain plants, Pure Altitude has created a unique and comprehensive range combining the richness and power of these protected high altitude plants. The Edelweiss used in Pure Altitude care products is grown in the heights of the Valais region by a cooperative that specializes in the organic farming of medicinal plants as part of a mountain plant preservation programme. Selected for its rare cosmetic virtues, Edelweiss, the supreme flower of the heights, forms the main ingredient of Pure Altitude beauty care products.

Pure Altitude combines the antioxidant, remineralising properties of Edelweiss with those of a variety of over 50 mountain plants and minerals, providing your skin with the most precious gifts the mountains have to offer. Edelweiss has been used for its medicinal virtues since time immemorial. The white flower of the glaciers, which grows in a pure, unspoilt environment, was the obvious choice as the star ingredient of the PURE ALTITUDE line. From the German “edel” meaning noble, and “weiss”, meaning pure, its very name is a symbol of purity. The Edelweiss has a natural self-defense system that enables it to resist both extreme cold and strong sunshine, thus illustrating the amazing ability of mountain plants to survive and evolve in a harsh environment. This physiological defense mechanism contains a highly efficient collection of molecules.

Male Cosmetics - Pure Altitude Reviewed

Male Cosmetics - Pure Altitude Reviewed

Fundamental line Target – 25 to 35 years

Protect, moisturize, nourish all skin type.  Core active ingredient: Edelweiss.  Cocktail of mountain’s natural active ingredients

Creme Edelweiss N°1 face cream, Moisturizing & Protecting

All the richness of its active ingredients is expressed through the exceptional comfort you feel by applying this cream. It’s a complete cream to get you through the day.

Result: The protective and moisturizing active ingredients in this cream help your skin to recover its suppleness and softness. It prevents dryness and loss of elasticity and protects skin against harmful external elements.

Natural Active Ingredients:

  • edelweiss; anti-oxidant, remineralizing
  • special complex combining plant extracts & amino acids; moisturizing
  • gentiane; toning
  • vegetal oils, shea butter; moisturizing, softening
  • ginseng, dandelion, horsetail; anti-ageing, anti-oxidant, remineralizing complex
  • blueberry, lemon balm; toning, astringent
  • vitamin E; anti-oxidant
  • arnica; décongestant, toning

Male Cosmetics - Pure Altitude Reviewed Male Cosmetics - Pure Altitude Reviewed

Sève de Vie Line Target – 35 to 45 years

Prevent ageing, boost the tint shine.  Pure active ingredients coming from the extremes, from pollution preserved areas.  Bio-Ecocert certified*

Elixir a la Racine de Maca, face elixir, repairing & regenerating Ultra nourishing, this oil-based elixir soothes damaged skin, bringing it all the essential nutritious elements it needs. It brings freshness, suppleness and vitality to tired and stressed skin.

Result: The nutritious and moisturizing elements repair and revitalise the skin. This is the SOS product for skin in distress.

Natural Active Ingredients:

  • organic edelweiss; protecting, anti-age
  • organic maca root; repairing, soothing
  • organic daisy, raspberry seed oil; regenerating
  • organic jojoba oil; soothing
  • unsaponifiables of wheat germ and sesame; anti-free radical, anti-age
  • wheat lipoaminoacid; increase the collagen production
  • alpha bisabolol of chamomile; soothing

Male Cosmetics - Pure Altitude Reviewed

LIFTAlpes Line Target – 45 years and older

Anti-ageing for mature skins.  Liftalpes trio-active ingredients.  Anti-ageing biotechnology.  Ecological Organic Cosmetics certified by ECOCERT Greenlife according to the Ecocert reference

Sérum Gel Contour des Yeux, eye contour gel lifting & anti-dark circles. Coated in a fresh gel this Serum Gel is surprisingly comfortable and light. Non-sticky it adheres to the skin making it subtly velvety. Ultra practical its elegant pump bottle enables efficient use.

Result: The eye contour is revitalized and moisturized; your eyes are clear and your features smoothed.

Natural Active Ingredients:

  • active LIFTAlpes trio: edelweiss – mountain water – buddleja, imperatoria, artemisia; protecting, moisturizing, regenerating
  • arnica; decongesting, softening and regenerating
  • liftessence™; New Zealand native fern extract, an immediate firming effect that noticeably “lifts” wrinkles and fine lines around the eye contour.
  • vitamin E; anti-free radical, anti-oxidant
  • eyeseryl™; tetrapeptide with draining, decongesting and anti oedema qualities.
  • myrtille, lamier blanc; stimulants, purifiants

Male Cosmetics - Pure Altitude Reviewed

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