Man Bag – Tips ON How Embrace Your Bag?

Man Bag – Tips ON How Embrace Your Bag?

Mansbag - smoking and smiling guy

Man’s Bags for 2013

The man on the continent has always held onto his bag. So it was wicked to see, at the London Fashion Week, there was no denying that the man and his bag are seemingly becoming one. There were many different shapes, styles and sizes. These guys certainly show us, that the man and his bag defines his personality. There is one thing you need to get a hold of. It’s your attitude towards using one. The simple message is if you’ve not owned one before then it takes some time to get  used to holding one. Don’t go out buying a too expensive one, because most men lose them within a few days. I would recommend not even putting anything of value in your man’s bag until you are confident that it stays with you at all times.

You certainly don’t want to be left behind as the last man losing a grip of what is now deemed THE MAN BAG.

Floral & Bling Bags

It’s all down to how confident you are and what message you want to give out. Go for it. I was at London Fashion Week and saw these Mawi bags and thought well why not. the shot was set up by me but the guy refused to allow me to take a shot of his face.

Mawi - bling clutch mans clutch bag

Mawi – this is my idea of a man embracing bling clutch bags.


These styles of bags are a great starting point for men and black is a good safe colour to begin with. Once you’ve got used to the idea then there are many other colors to go choose. Topman and Dr Martens do a great variety of satchels for men. i would go for dark contrasting colours.

Man Bag - Green satchel

Satchels are always a perfect starting point to embrace a man’s bag

Mansbag - Black suede bag

For a darker side, black suede man’s bag are great.

Clutch Bags

Unusual to see on a man  in the UK, but it’s becoming a lot more trendy. My only concern is men love to leave things lying around.  Make sure you clutch onto your bag at all times. Where would you use one. Well when your simply pooping out for a nice cup of coffee. for those single guys us women love men’s clutch bags and before you know it. We shall be claiming it as if was our own.

Man Bag - Blue clutch bag

This clutch man’s bag is super cool

Big Bags

If you want to make a huge statement then the bigger the better. Men look hot when embracing a huge bag. It states how powerful and strong a man is. Also i would use these while travelling or staying over with your mates. Even replace it for a gym bag. It’s all about the message you are wanting to get your hands onto to. So take a grip embrace a man bag.

Man Bag - Black & Brown Leather

How hot does this guy look? He is literally smoking.

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