Ede & Ravenscroft – Style Essentials for Summer Weddings

Ede & Ravenscroft – Style Essentials for Summer Weddings

Style Essentials For Summer Weddings

Steeped in over three centuries of history and a trusted name in British tailoring, Ede & Ravenscroft is uniquely positioned to offer its customers timeless and expert style advice. Upholding tradition since 1689, its tailoring skillfully caters to all formal occasions with a collection of classic and elegant suits. As the wedding season approaches, Ede & Ravenscroft’s Director of Tailoring, Philip Thomas, shares his advice for guests on how to dress for the occasion.

Tips From London’s Oldest Tailor

  • Morning Dress – Morning dress is the traditional choice for weddings and will typically consist of a black morning coat, grey stripe trousers, a traditional collar shirt, waistcoat and tie.
  • The Morning Coat – A morning coat is recognised for its body-coat cut which allows it to be tailored closely around the wearer’s waist, fitting the chest narrowly without creasing. Stiff, quilted linings are designed to maintain the ideal silhouette even when the coat is not buttoned up.
  • The Trouser – Trousers should be worn slightly above the waistline and rest on top of the shoe showing a slight crease at the front, with the back of the trouser sitting just above the heel.
  • The Waistcoat – Waistcoats should sit comfortably over the waistband showing no signs of the shirt. Waistcoat styles are a matter of preference with the single-breasted being a popular choice due to its simplicity. Similar to the jacket, the double-breasted waistcoat has also seen a recent revival. Brighter pastel colours are popular choices for weddings.
  • The Shirt – two-fold cotton, meaning the fabric has a higher yarn count resulting in a luxurious feel. It is recommended shirts worn with morning dress have a heavily starched traditional collar, however, the versatile cutaway collar is also a popular choice for formal occasions. The double shirt cuff is the most formal, fastened with elegant cufflinks, and the shirt sleeve typically should show no more than a half an inch of the cuff when wearing a jacket.
  • The Tie – It is recommended ties are fashioned in a Windsor knot which produces a wide symmetrical triangular knot. When tied correctly the knot is tight and does not slip away from the collar when worn.
  • Three-Piece Suits – Alternatively, a matching three-piece suit will always remain a contemporary yet classic style.

Jacket Styles

Jacket styles are a personal preference and can be influenced by fashion trends and comfort. Classic jacket styles include:

  • The Two Button Single Breasted Jacket – Arguably the most popular style due to its versatility, which can be adapted for various occasions and to suit all types of body shapes. This style will typically come with a notch lapel and double vents.
  • The Three Button Single Breasted Jacket – First made popular in the late 1950s and 60s, the three buttoned has an extra top button and a slightly higher lapel which makes the jacket more appropriate for a taller gentleman. A three-button single-breasted jacket is styled with a notch lapel.
  • The Double Breasted Jacket – Enjoying a recent resurgence, this jacket style is timeless and elegant. The fit of the jacket should confidently hug the shoulders showing little drape where the shoulder meets the top of the arm. The jacket should also show no signs of pulling when fastened. This style of jacket would come with a peak lapel

The Cloth/Fabric

Selecting a cloth is down to personal preference. Customers should consider how often they will wear the suit to select the optimal durability of the cloth. The weight can be an important consideration, particularly during the warmer wedding season. Deciding upon the pattern and colour is a personal choice, but classic styles include a Birdseye cloth, with darker colours such as a navy or greys offering a timelessly sophisticated appearance.

Personal and Bespoke Tailoring

Buying a Personally Tailored or Bespoke suit allows customers to apply their own individual characteristics to the design, from buttons to patterned linings that create a unique, personal suit.

  • One to one consultation with an Ede & Ravenscroft specialist advisor
  • Full set of measurements taken to ensure a perfect fit
  • Try on a selection of suit styles and sizes to determine the best choice for your shape and personality
  • Choose the style of jacket, waistcoat and trousers
  • Select from a plethora of cloth, lining and button options
  • Tailoring block altered to your shape
  • Final fitting to ensure the suit fits perfectly

You should allow for 4-6 weeks to get your bespoke suit made.


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Your day is worth every penny you spend

Ede & Ravenscroft wedding ties for men 2013

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Ede & Ravenscroft wedding ties for men 2013

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Very rare vintage fabric used in the past

Ede & Ravenscroft Bespoke tailoring staff Savil Row

Theori  a tailor for 20 years. His clients consisted of  Cryil castle, John Wayne, Roger Moore, Frank Sintra,  Bing Crosby and Sydney James

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Choose your shirt, choose your style

Ede & Ravenscroft wedding ties for men 2013

Which tie you choose is down to a personal choice

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