Man Bag – Why Men Need To Own One

Man Bag – Why Men Need To Own One

Guy wearing a man bag over his hsoulders

Man Bag

Us women own handbags and my male friends always comment on them. Why is it then, most men still  have that rectangle leather wallet, transported in their back pocket?  Is it time for men to get into the habit of owning a Man Bag? YES IT IS

The first thing you need to consider is exactly what man bag you want, need or best suits your style?  You need own at least two bags. One for work and one for casual outings. You need to change that mindset of wallet thinking only and get in the fashion habit of wearing a man bag wherever you go. Man bags can complete an outfit and you will look nothing but edgy and cool.

Work Man Bag

You need to say goodbye to that canvas backpack that you wear with your suit, or any kind of formal wear for that matter.  Ditch the brief case image it is so dated.  Embrace a leather messenger bag or satchel. Go for the clean, classic and un-fussy look.  It will blend effortlessly with your shoes and belt (remember you need to match your leathers).

Casual Man Bag

A small tote that can maintain only the necessities will certainly be all you need. Incorporate a backpack canvas messenger or tote bag. A smaller structured holdall is good to have as well. Go for a good unstructured edition if your type errs on the much more intelligent aspect associated with everyday. The absence of bag straps will force you to hold the bag by its handles, enabling your clothing to sit much straighter and tidier. This is very crucial when tailoring is involved.

What Will You Put In Your Bag

Exactly what would you like to place in your own bag. This will depend on where you are going to and the situation you might encounter. A short journey into the city? Are you going out somewhere for a day? For the last you will need a larger bag that can hold more items. You must remember that the purpose of the bag is to keep your hands (unless a handbag) and your pockets free.

Common Things a Man Has In His Bag

Wallet, 2 sets of key’,s  mobile phone, and either a tablet or laptop.

mans bag 2012 what to put in - keys, ipad, tablet, magazine


Be Inspired by the varies man bag collections out there for you this 2012

Louis-Vuitton man bag

Business man bag 2012,  Neutral tans and greyed-out navys, with hardware and embellishment kept to a minimum.

desigual man bag 2012 leather

Desigual 2012

Paul smith bags for man 2012

Paul Smith 2012

Valentino Fall 2012 man bag

Valentino 2012

Fashion Bags for man Furla

Furla man bag 2012

Man Bag black Polo

Polo 2012 man bag

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