Are You A Man Who Doesn’t Know How To Accessorize?

A lot of men do not put fashion high on their list of priorities. For that reason, it is essential that they have an easy way to look good without having to spend the time trying to figure out what goes with what, so they can have an outstanding appearance that will make them look and feel good about what they are wearing.

Fashion is a world that changes frequently, and men need to keep up with the latest trends, so that they do not look outdated. Accessorizing is another aspect that men are not accustomed to.

With all that being said, we are going to take the guessing out of accessorizing by giving you a basic guide to go by. This will help you understand what you spend your time and money on to make you look up-to-date and fashionable.


Neutral colors tend to be the best because they will go with all different color shades that are incorporated in your attire. Let this be a gradual thing, do not feel like you have to utilize accessories every day. Start out slow by incorporating them a few days a week, and then you will gain the confidence you need to incorporate them into your everyday life.

These accessory add in’s may include hats, gloves and umbrellas all the way down to a simple tie bar or collar pin. What ever accessory you choose, make sure it has functionality, and it accents your personality. You also want to wear it correctly so that it does not look out a place. Wearing it incorrectly will get you some attention that is not pleasing. LOL..

Take for example: Don’t use an umbrella if its not raining. Don’t wear gloves if it is 100 degrees outside. You get it?

Also, do not over accessorize. Try to keep it to three accessories, over accessorizing will make you look unappealing.


If you are wearing black leather shoes, you need to make sure any other leather you are utilizing in your look matches. Two different types of leather will cause a clash in your overall appearance. Black is probably the one you have to be careful with the most. Brown leather tends to have the ability to utilize different tones of leather together.


A man can have an absolute brilliant look. Their suit is well fitted, colors and textures match, and their shoes are polished. This brilliant look can be killed with an old ratty backpack slung over their shoulder. Men do not realize the importance of their bag. A bag is an accessory that can really make their overall look stand out or be marked as a failure.

A high quality bag can bring sophistication, edginess, or vintage into your style. Bags are a great way to bring personality into your appearance. The type of bag can say a lot about the person you are. Therefore, you do not want to present to the world that you are an old worn out person who doesn’t care about fashion. Because that is what that tattered backpack is screaming!!

Look for a stylish bag that you can utilize in many different ways. This will be a useful accessory that will really bring out the fashion sense you are aiming for. Pay attention to material, hardware, and organization of the bag. When you choose the right bag it will open the world of accessory opportunities.

Retailers like Zappos, Serbags, Assos has a variety of bags that are highly functional, fashionable, and affordable. Check out their line to find a high quality bag to incorporate into your everyday life.


Shoes are important. You want shoes that are comfortable, pleasing to the eye, and can be utilized with most of your attire. A nice pair of shoes will accent your attire and make it all come together. It is important that you own dress and casual shoes, so that you can get the look that you are going for.

Accessorizing is an important part of fashion. Don’t try to make it hard, just pick out a few neutral accessories that can be incorporated with most of your wardrobe. You can expand once you are comfortable.