The mounting popularity of e-bikes is no fluke. As an increasingly health-conscious population leans towards this new cycling trend, you may wonder if it is worth investing in an e-bike. Many consider e-bikes no different from motorbikes, with no benefits of cycling. We have gathered points in favour of these wonderful creations to shatter the misconceptions regarding e-bikes.

Ebikes vs. Regular Bikes: What’s the Difference?

Despite serving similar functions, e-bikes and regular bikes have various subtle differences. In terms of appearance, e-bikes have handlebars, wheels, and frames similar to regular bikes/ however, they can be distinguished from regular bikes by the additional gear which includes the motor, battery pack as well as a pedal assist/thumb throttle that makes it easier to go up steep hills.

Fortunately, given the similar design basics, both types of bikes can undergo similar maintenance servicing and repairs. However, the electrical components of the e-bike may require changes if there are defects.

Perhaps the most remarkable difference cyclists experience between the two is the riding experience. Once the motor begins working, the transition from a normal bike to a superbike is evident, given the remarkable boost in speed and riding comfort. Although you will still pedal, the motor does significant work depending on the setting, so you can ride easily. As a result, you will be motivated to use the e-bike more often.

A popular misconception regarding e-bikes is that it isn’t cycling, given the motor. Some even consider it ‘cheating’. However, the highest speed that e-bikes reach is 28 mph depending on the brand, and if you want to go faster, you have to do it on your own with no help from the motor.

Finally, remember that e-bikes are considered motorized vehicles and fall under government rules and regulations depending on the state.


Travel Longer Distances Quickly

Given the natural boost in speed thanks to the motor, it is evident that you will reach your destinations more quickly than a regular bike. And since you will save time on the electric bike, you will be more inclined to take your e-bike from the garage.

More Frequent Ride Trips

The cost-effectiveness and time-saving features make e-bikes more popular than regular bikes. Riding a bike through the morning traffic during the commute is easier, but you won’t have to worry about fuel costs and carbon emissions. The health benefits from cycling only seem like an added benefit.

All of these contribute to making cycling easier with an e-bike. Hence, a higher percentage of cycling trips for e-bike owners compared to regular bike owners. This is even supported by various studies.

Better Workout

As already mentioned, the pedalling assist feature of e-bikes only helps when you are on the road. Afterwards, you will do all the pedalling just as you would on a regular bike. In fact, you are more likely to travel further distances on the e-bike, enjoying the myriad benefits of cycling, from improved cardiovascular health to better joint mobility.

The improved mood and decreased stress will not go unnoticed by your friends and family. In fact, cycling can cause you to be in the best shape you have been both physically and mentally. In addition, with regular cycling, you are bound to enjoy a noticeable increase in your strength and stamina. So, make sure that you choose the right exercise bike and then reap incredible health benefits!

Effectively Commute to Work

The initiative to buy a bike to work to improve your lifestyle is a great choice. However, you will soon discover that using your regular bike to commute daily is not a fun activity you will be looking forward to. The enthusiasm is bound to die down quickly once you realize that you probably won’t reach your work on time, and once you do, it will be a sweaty mess.

E-bikes, on the other hand, provide the perfect balance so that you reach work on time without breaking too much sweat while also going through your morning workout routine. It is a win-win situation all around.

Save Money

While the initial investment might be hefty, the benefits will be worth the price tag. You will save on monthly car maintenance, parking fees, and hidden charges. E-bikes save both the environment and your pockets.

Safer Rides

Suffice it to say that the attitudes toward cyclists from other motorists aren’t very favourable. From downright ignoring them to verbal abuse, cyclists are always in danger of being involved in potentially fatal accidents.

With regular bikes, you are in charge of regulating the speed, increasing the danger. E-bikes offer more control and are safer. The speed can increase, match traffic flow or slow down at a crosswalk.

Climbing Big Hills Made Easier

Climbing hills is hard enough; climbing hills with a regular bike? You are just asking for torture. Eventually, you have to get off the bike and walk the rest of the way. However, with electric bikes, you need not worry about this issue as they are specially designed to handle rocky terrain. The extra boost from the motors makes the ride up the mountain comfortable and easy.

Handle Windy Days With Ease

Feeling the wind as you ride merrily through your neighbourhood is definitely among the moments to cherish. But fighting against the wind on windy days to go to work? Not so much.

Say goodbye to windy day woes with your electric bike. You can also rest assured that electric bikes will also protect you against potential falls and accidents due to strong winds.


The e-bike community is rapidly expanding, and you are bound to make friends and make your rides something to look forward to. If these haven’t convinced you to buy your e-bike today, you are seriously losing out. Nevertheless, carefully weigh the pros and cons of both types of bikes before you make a decision that is best suited to your needs.