Universal Studios is the haven of sheer entertainment and adventure. It is a Universal Pictures establishment that comprises movie theatres, theme-based cafés, parks and much more. There are a total of four Universal Studios in the world. Universal Studios in Japan has a big announcement to make all Mario lovers from all age groups love. Universal Studios Japan has successfully opened Mario Café and Store.

Those who have played Mario Kart and controlled the little Mario jumping on the Koopa Troopas to save Princess Daisy will love the new Mario Café and Store. The Mario Café in Universal Studios in Japan has started working from 16 October 2020. However, due to the pandemic, not many people could visit this Mario arena. Even though the Mario Café and Store has received a massive public response, they would love to visit Universal Studios soon.

Just like Eye of Horus free play, the Mario game was a real addiction back then. That’s why the news of Mario Café opened at Universal Studios Japan spread like wildfire.

What Can You Expect from Mario Café at Universal Studios Japan?

Mario’s fans have kept their hopes and dream high for the brand new Mario Café. It offers a whole unique immersive experience that will place you on the nostalgia train. Visitors will also get to wear waistbands called Power Up Bands to jump and hit blocks to collect virtual coins. How cool is that? Similarly, you will find other exciting features here.

Fans were quite disappointed after Super Nintendo World’s launch was cancelled due to the pandemic and shifted to 2021. However, fans were pretty excited after the opening of Mario Café and Store. Along with Super Nintendo World, Mario Kart, and Yoshi themed attractions and rides will be opened this year.

Till then, visitors can enjoy the much-awaited Mario Café and Store.

Here’s what you can do here:

Collect Power Up Band to Play Mario in Real

All the guests at Mario Café will be given Power Up Band as a preview of Super Nintendo World. This band will allow you to interact with the virtual world of Mario. You can collect coins, stamps, and characters like if you are playing a real game. All your progress will be recorded on an app, and you can share your progress on social media platforms. Your performance with the Power Up Band can fetch you entry to the “Boss Battles,” which is a competitive and fund contest.

Mario Bros-Themed Café

When we think about Mario Café, we would automatically imagine chromatic interiors and bricked walls. Well, that’s precisely how it has been created for you. The Mario Café will give you the exact feel of the video game. The colourful interiors and Mario-like dressed attendants will make you feel like entering the video game. You can have bites of Super Mario cakes and bring home an adorable Super Mushroom Souvenir Drink Bottle. The chairs are designed like mushrooms that will make you want to bounce over them.

A Store that Looks Like Mario Kart

After sipping a few drinks and munching on some snacks, you can move to the Mario Store that looks exactly like Mario Kart. The racing flags, checkered floors, and clear blue skies will remind you of Mario’s amazing gaming arena. The Mario Shop is brimmed with Mario merch that has official Universal Studios designs. You would not find the merch anywhere around the world. The complete range of products is not yet released. You can now buy cute phone cases, shirts, pouches, keychains, socks, caps, etc. Once the entire collection is released, you can get some other exciting merchandise.

Mario Café and Store Are Near Hollywood Area

Another interesting fact about this Brand new addition to Universal Studio Japan is that both Mario Café and Store are located in the Hollywood area. While fans were expecting Mario Café and Store to be inside Super Nintendo World, there are still revelations to be made. You can think of Mario Café and Store as an appetizer that will make you fall in love with this place. Also, as it is near the Hollywood area, you will enjoy the other attractions of Universal Studios.

The Bottom Line

Universal Studios has always made dreams come true with its instalments. With the Mario Café and Store opened at Universal Studios Japan, the bar has been set higher. There are plenty of things that you can enjoy here, starting from Mario theme-based café to the Mario Kart merch.

As the Mario Café and Store are running in full swing, the much-awaited Super Nintendo World is set to open by 4 February 2021. This new section in Universal Studios Japan will accommodate Mario-Yoshi-themed restaurants, adventures, and rides. The Mario Kart: Koopa’s Challenge is going to be a significant attraction.

If you were waiting for Super Nintendo World, you might want to book your tickets to Japan right away and witness the iconic opening.