Knitwear - For Men 2014

If there is one thing I adore on men it’s knitwear. If it’s worn well, gentlemen I will warn you, I will wrestle you to the ground and give you a big warm hug. Whilst browsing it occurred to me the do’s and don’ts of knitwear. Why most men seemed to steer away form it, in which I would encourage any man left standing to get your body into knitwear this winter. For me the cardigan, jumper/sweater and chunky scarf is a must have.

Puff Daddy Gone Wrong

You have to be wise about the certain types of knitwear you go for. Different knitwear styles are for different body types for men. The idea is simple. If you’re on the larger size then go for knitwear that refines your body. Not chunky knots. It makes you look bigger and highlights everything that no one wants to see let alone finds that appealing. Also go for black, navy, burgundy or dark browns. They are always slimming on a guy. Also look out for the way the knitwear is going across your body. Diagonal knots are more slimming.

Knitwear - For Men 2014

This knitwear is more suited for a a well toned slimmer guy


Knitwear - For Men 2014

Perfect for the more well defined man

Any man should be embracing these. The collar and colour is incredibly sexy for me. They are warm and perfect for those cold winter days. Nice trench coat over the top and you are sorted.

Knitwear - For Men 2014

H&M – 2014

Mix and match of knitwear with leather. It’s a nice contrast and zip up cardigans are always perfect for layering and for indoors. That’s the annoying thing about winter is that once you step indoors you can end up having a sheep hanging over your arm because you are too hot. These knitwear types are perfect for those warmer winter days.

Knitwear - For Men 2014 ZARA

ZARA 2014

Team your knitwear especially with cardigans with a nice simple t-shirt underneath. especially I find with the cheaper labels it can be nasty on bare skin. Steel wool comes to mind.OUCH. Also when cuddling a man. I find a nasty rash comes to mind.

Knitwear - For Men 2014


Longer cardigan knitwear is always flattering. Just make sure you don’t wear it too long if you are on the shorter side of things.

PRIMARK - cardigan for men 2014


If all fails and knitwear is not your thing. Then there is nothing more appealing on a man when he is wearing a chunky knitted scarf. I will warn you. If you end up looking this good. I might tie you around me. All in the name of keeping me warm. If you get my drift.

KNITWEAR - scarf for men