Marks and Spencer – Best of British Menswear Collection

Marks and Spencer – Best of British Menswear Collection

Marks & Spencer - Classic Shirt checkered suit Spring Summer 2014 collection

Marks and Spencer – Best Of British

Marks and Spencer brings back the manufacturing to the UK’s textile industry with its latest AW13 and SS14 menswear collections, aptly named “Best of British”. The bringing back of fashion manufacturing is part of a process that started slowly a few years ago but is now gaining speed with big companies like M&S and John Lewis joining. Customers are appreciating the quality and tradition of British made, especially foreign customers. We have an exclusive interview with Tony O’Connor, head of design at Marks & Spencer about the menswear collection and also is advertising campaign.

Marks & Spencer - Best of British Logo - On checkered suit 

Advertising Campaign

If there is anyone that is going to bring a younger market for suits representing Marks & Spencer, then it’s Oliver Cheshire. Oliver Cheshire is the model used for the advertising campaign for Marks & Spencer suits. So I was intrigued to see what this collection was all about.

The collection was on display at the Hospital Club as part of the London Collections: Men event. Entering the presentation I was greeted with excellent customer service. Both the current Autumn Winter 2013 and Spring Summer 2014 “Best of British” collections were on display. Having not seen these collections before my instant  thoughts were, this can’t be Marks & Spencer. I was taken back by shear excitement. You know when one of Britain’s most powerful company in the high street decides to launch a luxury menswear collection, it’s a clear message that M&S is back in menswear business.

The Collection

The collection has variety and is tailored for key occasions.Tony O’Conner, head of design for menswear talked us through some key factors on why Marks & Spencer is going to be a key driving force for menswear for Britain. The collection ranged from inexpensive suits to high end. The suits I must say looked and felt great, the quality was was shining through the whole range. For me personally the jackets were a clear winner. I could also notice a clear trend towards checkered suits in its Spring Summer 2014 collection. The top end suits come from Lutwyche .The price of these suits varies as well as their target markets. Very much setting a new trend in regards menswear.

The team from MenStyleFashion summed up the collection well, the suits on display can be worn everyday, so it is time to dress up and ditch the casual outfits.

Every Day Bow Tie

Tony in the interview explains why he is trying to make the Bow Tie an everyday wear accessory. I totally agree with him on this one. It is the first niche key factor of setting the M&S menswear collection apart from the rest. A big thank you for making Gracie feel so welcome. I give a huge respect to M&S for setting up one of the most informative presentations on LCM so far. It has been very educational and inspirational. Check out for yourselves with the Interview and an overview of the menswear collections.

Marks & Spencer - Classic Bow tie for day wear - the everyday bow tie

Best of British

Marks & Spencer Spring Summer 2014 Collection at London Collections: Men

Marks & Spencer Sweater for Men at London Collections Men

Marks & Spencer Classic Beige Blazer - Checkered pattern

Marks & Spencer Pinstripe Suits at London Collections Men

Marks & Spencer Sring Summer 2014 collection - which can be worn everyday

Marks & Spencer Sring Summer 2014 collection

Marks & Spencer Autumn Winter 2013 Menswear Collection at London Collections Men

Marks & Spencer Everyday bow tie - Spring Summer 2014 collection

Marks & Spencer 2014 Grey Jacket Collections & Chunky Tie - checkered suit

Marks & Spencer 2013 Autumn Winter Jacket Collection - detail of clasp colar

Marks & Spencer Trench Coat - London Collections Men

This is one of my favourites because gentlemen you can wear it all season

Marks & Spencer Autumn Winter 2013 Suit Collections - Best of British

Marks & Spencer Autumn Winter 2013 Suit Collections

Marks & Spencer Red Shoes London Collections Men

Marks & Spencer 2014 Blue Blazer - Chekered

Marks & Spencer 2014 Beige Blazer - Checkered

David Gandy inspecting the Marks & Spencer collection at London Collections Men

I think David is asking. When can I order my suit?

Image Credits: Maria Scard

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