Bathroom Robe Trends – Would You Wear It As Outerwear?

Bathroom Robe Trends – Would You Wear It As Outerwear?

I started MenStyleFashion in 2012 and I have to say this year for menswear. The fashion designers and Vogue could not be more detached from what men are really seeking to wear during a pandemic. From Harry Styles wearing a  dress to now men wearing bathroom robes as a replacement for outerwear.

I mean are we all going to be lockedown for another full year in our bathroom robes?

Men’s fashion week in Europe is in full swing. What is dominant on the catwalk is the bathroom robe.  I do wonder if any man would dare to be wearing the following bathroom robes as outerwear?

What are the designers trying to communicate here to our men?

The following collections are from different luxury houses in Milan and Paris for men to buy in 2021/22.

I am baffled, confused, and disappointed as an owner of a man’s magazine 

Puffy Bathroom Robe

Is this to be worn inside or out? What are men to do with this? Is this the return of what? Are you to sleep in it?

Bathroom Robe - Would You Wear It as Outerwear

This bathroom robe is it really to be worn outside?

Are you to do a zoom interview in it? Let alone a business meeting?

Do men get their hiking boots on and go for a hike in wearing the above bathroom robe??

Waxy Suede Hiking Boot – Dark Brown Fratelli Borgioli Italy MenStyleFashion 2020 (1)

Wool Bathroom Robe

This is more for outerwear. But how do you team this bathroom robe? Is this the image you want to be set during a pandemic? Let’s walk outside in my bathroom robe. Is this the mental health message we want to give out to our men?

Bathroom Robe - Would You Wear It as Outerwear 2022 (4)

Are we to be seen walking in our bathroom robes for the next year?

Bathroom Robe Fleece

Is this an excuse for a more stylish bathroom robe fleece pajama alternative? Is this to be worn at a cafe? Is a man suppose to ride his bike in his fleece? If you are on the larger side?

How massive and uncomfortable are you going to look when wearing this fleece bathroom robe?

Or is it a fleece long jacket? I am so confused.

Bathroom Robe - Would You Wear It as Outerwear 2022 (4)

The model’s face says it all. He does not look too happy wearing it.

Smoking Jacket

The difference between a smoking jacket and the above bathroom robes is at least a man looks more stylish and it is a  slimming fitting.

The smoking jacket meaning is straight to the point. Stay home wear it at home and have a smoke.

I did this shoot in lockdown before Christmas to inspire men to wear it at home, not as outerwear.

Smoking Jacket – Luxury Homewear Tips

For men definitely not to be running around in public in their bathroom robes.

Would you wear this in public?

Can anyone in their right mind explain this outfit? Who will wear it? And where would you wear it?

Gucci puffy shorts 2021 menswear

Men in high heels with puffy mustard shorts and a silk shirt. Oh, that is right we are in a pandemic and the message is simple.

We have truly lost our art to inspire men to dress well let alone wearing high heels.

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