Masters Of Mayfair’s – Luxury Travel Accessories

Masters Of Mayfair’s  – Luxury Travel Accessories
In the last year I have travelled all around the globe. No matter what class I fly, there are important travel accessories I always make sure I pack. That is  a sleep mask, inflatable neck pillow, and compression travel socks and room & pillow spray. For me these little added touches make a big difference when travelling. This trip I chose to travel with  a range of ultra high-quality sleep and travel accessories, thanks too
In this package there is a luxury sleep mask, inflatable neck pillow, compression travel socks and room & pillow sprays was included. I also thought it was a great gift for those who want better quality sleep at home or when traveling.
I am a big lover of  everything lavender. So the oil which is infused with lavender essential oil is there, to reduce heart rate and ease fatigue. When I am sleeping I like to know my sleep mask is made of natural fibres.  The Masters of Mayfair sleep mask is made with 100% natural cotton which is extra padded for comfort, and a silk back lining to cool the eyes. An elastic band and flat clip keep the mask secure in place for hassle free rest. Sleep masks come in 9 different styles including scent free.

The Room & Pillow Sprays come in four calming scents made from 100% natural ingredients and essential oils that naturally reduce your heart rate and induce feelings of relaxation. All sprays are vegan friendly and all products can be combined into a customisable gift box.


Travel Compression Socks

I have to travel with compression socks and these one are designed from a Swiss-tested compression technology to improve blood circulation on long haul flights, car or train journeys. Made with a cotton rich design, they help the calf muscles and lower legs through graduated pressure, making you feel fresh and less fatigued when you arrive at your destination.
Compression socks, no matter what age should be worn by all.
Nohting like getting a sore neck when on a plane and at the same time the pillows are annoying because they are bulky, It is a nice touch to have an inflatable Neck Pillow, that fits in my pocket and inflates whenever I need it, so no more carrying around big, bulky neck pillows. It’s made from a 100% natural breathable cotton outer and the adjustable, flat secure clip keeps it in place for greater comfort. Protection Status

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