If there is one chef that I have followed in the last few years it is Gordon Ramsay. I will never ever forget when I heard him swear on TV for the first time, I laughed my head off. I immediately understood the guys passion and no messing about persona. I worked in a few restaurants as a kitchen hand and I certainly understand the pressures a chef has to create the best possible food outcome.

I had just literally come into London from Le Mans 24 Hour and was absolutely shattered. London was hot as hell’s Kitchen itself. To be honest, all I wanted to do was just sleep. So this experience was going to be a big challenge for me personally. To be able to go up a gear and experience my first ever Gordon Ramsay restaurant. Recently reading about Gordon Ramsay and how hard he has worked to build up his empire, I too was kindly reminded and inspired that in business, no matter how shattered one feels, it’s good to push through. As I stepped into the restaurant, excitement kicked in and I knew I was in for a big hearty meal.

I was greeted by a wonderful cocktail which matched my eye wear in both colour and personality. I was excited to be greeted by three guys, two from Italy and one from Portugal. This is what I love about Europeans, it is their warmth welcome to guests and that go get-em extra mile attitude. For me this is just as important as the food itself. Let’s face it, I knew that the food was not going to be anything short of damn right spot on regarding keeping it simple. I’ve watched Gordon long enough to know that.

Interior Design

The restaurant has a great relaxed feel to and is decorated to a very high standard.


I was told that that buffalo chicken fillets with chili and lime was a popular dish. I also opted for soft shell crab sliders. And the last side dish that I tried was some sushi from the sashimi selection. It was lovely and refreshing, perfect for a hot London summer night.

Grill – Steaks Charbroiled At 400c

I was shown the beef selection, which was an area I understood well. I grew up on a beef farm in Australia and looking back, I didn’t realise how good I had it within my own parents kitchen. So it was nice to be able to experience the unique beef types that were unusual in itself. It was explained to me that all of the steaks are charbroiled at 400c on a montague grill.

There are three categories types of  steak served, British native breeds, rare breed selection and U.S. & Japanese Breeds.I decided to opt for a variety of each to taste the comparison. Overall the tastes were amazing and I could tell the difference. For the sauces, I decided to opt for peppercorn, Bearnaise and a hot sauce.


This is a quirky way of presenting onion rings and they were delicious. I opted for triple cooked chips and buttered lettuce salad. finally grilled portobello mushrooms. Again the combination was yummy.


For dessert I allowed the waiter to choose and I was given a chocolate beer, which I never had before and I loved it. He also chose to give me a small selection from the dessert menu. Strawberry, elderflower and brown sugareton mess, chocolate cake with cream fresh, which was delicious. And the third one was some homemade vanilla ice cream, perfect for one hell of a summer night here in London. The dessert wine just completed the overall meal.


There was never any doubt that the food served here was not going to be excellent. Throughout the evening, I noticed many locals entering the restaurant, boasting to me how good the meals were. They also explained how the service is second to none and that they choose no other than to dine here twice a week. This is what I loved about Maze Grill Park Walk, that it was the locals promoting the restaurant and I never told them who I was. It’s a friendly, laid back restaurant in where you can also bring your dogs. Thanks for spoiling us and until we meet again.