Jetwing Kurulubedda Eco Boutique Hotel – Galle Sri Lanka

Jetwing Kurulubedda Eco Boutique Hotel – Galle Sri Lanka

Jetwing Kurulubedda is tucked away 4 km from the historical town of Galle, Sri Lanka. A slow steep descent into this secluded resort was why I was excited to be here. This delightful eco resort was literally, in a jungle. This has to be one of my special stays here in Sri Lanka. I was greeted by Prebath, who was the manager of this resort. Unusually we were given, some fried vegetable balls as a greeting and they were a teaser of what was to come regarding organic Sri Lankan cuisine. The vegetable plant used was called Kohila. These fried ball cutlets are literally grown in mud, they tasted so yummy.

After that welcome drink and food Prebath gave us a tour of the garden. He first showed us the section which grows all different type of organically grown food and spices. A lot of the food cooked here ends up on the menu.

Jetwing Kurulubedda Eco Boutique Hotel – Galle Sri Lanka - Review

The wooden narrow walk way to other parts of the jungle was brilliant. Make sure you look out for animals, because you certainly can hear them. The birds are just beautiful to look at and hear. I saw the most stunning kingfisher bird I’ve ever seen.

Jetwing Kurulubedda Eco Boutique Hotel – Galle Sri Lanka - Review

Just as I thought it could not get better, I was greeted by the biggest lizard I have seen for a long time. His tail is so sharp and his weapon. against predators, that when he swings it, it’s as sharp as a sword. Don’t worry, the walk ways are well protected and high enough for you to just walk and explore. Make sure you take the time to do this.

Jetwing Kurulubedda Eco Boutique Hotel – Galle Sri Lanka - Review

The overall jungle was wonderful to be part of and it was a very different experience and equally worth this slight detour.

The swimming pool overlooking the rice paddy was lovely to chill out and look out for birds. The sound of the birds here was beautiful and music to my ears. Throughout the day and night it was the best natural live music that nature has to offer. So I would close my eyes and take in God’s natural gift.

Jetwing Kurulubedda Eco Boutique Hotel – Galle Sri Lanka - Review

Organic Shampoo Penala Nut

I was shown a nut called Penala, when I squeezed it natural looking shampoo came out. Prebath, kindly made some for me and I have to say, it left my hair so soft and what a special treat. If you are staying here, make sure you ask to try it. Money can’t buy these unique experiences and thanks to Prebath, I was taught so much biology here in Sri Lanka. I do now understand more and more why the Dutch came out in Galle and discovered the hidden gems of natural spices.

Jetwing Kurulubedda Eco Boutique Hotel – Galle Sri Lanka - Review


Every bit of food you eat here is all taken from the jungle. Which lead to a brilliant tour of the jungle. Make sure you ask for this as Prebath, is very knowledgeable regarding flora and fauna. I ate cinnamon leaf, which was just amazing. I was shown a plant that is so rich in iron, it equates to eating 200 grams of beef. I tasted this later and it was the most unusual taste but I loved it. Throughout this tour, we were also shown a fresh water well. I’ve never tasted and seen such purified natural water in my life. Make sure you ask to be shown where it is.

Jetwing Kurulubedda Eco Boutique Hotel – Galle Sri Lanka - Review

Make sure to eat here, because it’s going to be an eating experience like no other. Everything on the plate will come from the very jungle around the eco resort. Take the time to explore Sri Lankan food at its finest. Don’t ask for a set menu, because there is none. Everything is cooked within season and what is served can only be described as luxury eating at it’s best. The rice is grown here too and it tasted brilliant, opt for both white and brown.


For breakfast, there are two options here one is to eat at Jetwing Kurulubedda and the second option is to eat at Jetwing Lighthouse, which is 5 minutes away with a trishaw, which the staff will organise for you. If you stay here a couple of days I would opt for both as they are two different experiences.

The ocean views at Jetwing Lighthouse were a vast contrast to the jungle but equally as stunning. This buffet breakfast offered many selections of food and I was not disappointed. The food choices were endless. The iron stair case leading me to the breakfast area was stunning and nice to see. Many Sri Lankans have their weddings here and as luck would have it we ran into one.


With my family of four we stayed at two lodges overlooking the rice fields and jungle. These were just beautiful lodges both in architecture and interior design. There was a private access, and from the moment I stepped into the secluded hidden gem, I felt queen of the jungle.

The outdoor space was wonderful and I loved to be able to sit here and take in nature. It was priceless. Once I entered in my private den, I just love it. The wooden floors, the bed, the dedicated working desk it was all perfect. The ceiling high glass windows which allowed me to look out into nature was a feature I liked in the hut design. From the outside the huts look inviting, from the inside it had all the modern touches to make my stay a pure luxury jungle experience.

Jetwing Kurulubedda Eco Boutique Hotel – Galle Sri Lanka - Review


The bathroom in the hut had a gorgeous layout. I loved the stone flooring which was to very high specifications regarding the materials used. There was plenty of hot water and a powerful shower. The towels were fluffy and everything was extremely well looked after and clean.

Jetwing Kurulubedda Eco Boutique Hotel – Galle Sri Lanka - Review


I have never had such an experience as I have had here at Jetwing Kurulubedda. Prebath, the manager, treated us so well and I noticed he gave the same treatment to other guest as well. The energy he had and the passion for this eco resort, is why my stay was so special. He certainly went out of his way to teach me the pure richness of the jungle and nature. Make sure you also ask for a boat tour, it’s nature adventure at its best. Once you had enough of the jungle the old town of Galle is only a 15 minute trishaw ride away.


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