Medium Haircuts – For Real Statement

Medium Haircuts – For Real Statement

Medium haircuts for men are becoming more and more preferable nowadays. Even those gents who stick to short hairstyles, they are beginning to realise that short-to-medium length hairstyles can also offer them enough freedom they get when they choose short haircuts.

Medium hairstyles for men are indeed on-trend right now. And just the same way short men’s hairstyles flatter you, medium length haircuts for men also flatter you the same. If you are used to short styles and you are wondering whether medium length hairstyles will be your thing, we have a short-to-medium hairstyle that you should start with before graduating fully into medium hair. Here are some inspirations for you.

Natural Mid-Length Waves

For haircuts for guys that is classic but chic, leaving long hair on the crown and shorter on the bottom. You don’t have to trim your manes all the way to the clean skin if you don’t like it. Rather, cut the hair on the sides and back to a half-inch. Use styling gel as you style hair on the top and at the back.

Spiky Low Fade Hairstyle

If you are looking for east and simple medium haircuts for men, then opt for hair that is no longer than a few inches. One best way which you can achieve this is to let your hair air dry and then use pomade on the crown to pull manes straight up and separate the spikes, and then bring everything together with hair spray.

  1. Classic Combed Back Haircut.

This is quite masculine men’s hairstyle that will never exit the fashion style. The hairstyle features clean edging on the nape and around the ear and low taper that gives it a modern appeal. Brushing your hair back is a great way to rock medium hairstyles for men.

  1. Grown Out Layers.

This men’s medium haircut is ridiculously chic and sophisticated. If you have superb hair, it would great if you grow it out. If you style this look, you will get superb results by getting a blow dry and then allowing your manes to air dry. Utilise a round brush to achieve a barely-there flip at the tips.

  1. Tousled Balayage Hair.

You might be wondering how this balayage is a great style for men. Yes, it is this beautiful male balayage that is a must style to try this year, especially if you have thick and medium locks. Just ensure that you choose a hairstylist who understands how to apply the right tone. You need caramel highlights and not blue.

  1. Medium Length Undercut.

Medium length haircuts for men are currently having a great moment, and when we talk about stylish mid-length hairstyles for men, nothing appears more than the men’s undercut. Match your chic undercut with a short and unkempt beard, and you will have an excellent combination to rock your looks. If this is your style, but you have relatively short hair, you can choose an ivy league as you grow out your locks.

Sexy Natural Waves

If you have been wearing short haircuts, you might not understand the level of attitude guys who rock longer strands have. This hairstyle incorporates natural waves and volume to give the layers an utterly seductive appeal.

Spiky Tapered Haircut

This men’s haircut clearly shows that hard and spiky hair is a forgotten thing. Nowadays, guys are embracing sleek, soft, and touchable manes that look less styled and more casual. This is a must-try hairstyle for cute guys who are unapologetic when it comes to hairstyles. Nothing is attention-grabbing than someone who shows confidence without having to look as if they are struggling to do so.

Mid-Length Taper

For a masculine look that is also cool, opt for taper with your medium hair on the crown. The colour and length contrast comes up with a powerful look that is class as well.

Pompadour and Short Sides

Mid-length haircuts for men can be extended all over or can move from skin fade to short to medium and then long at the top. The cropped exterior improves facial structure and makes styling easy. You may utilise wax for a firm and flexible touch. This is a great haircut for guys you should consider trying before the end of this year. Protection Status

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