One of the prized locations in a man’s home is his bedroom. In case you didn’t know, men’s bedrooms usually take on a classy and sophisticated theme, very much different from the messy, disorganized look inaccurately portrayed in movies. Men actually have a great sense of style and interior decoration ideas. They also keep up with the trends and make adjustments to their bedroom decoration and design based on what’s stylish in the modern setting while still maintaining a sense of practicality. 

They can go for minimalist, rustic or industrial designs among the other popular and lifestyle-based choices for their bedrooms. There is a discernible pattern when it comes to men’s bedroom designs and with the turn of the millennium, we’ll also get to see changes and emerging trends that can make great bedroom makeover ideas.



Men have a natural tendency to make their rooms simple and minimalistic. Men can live with a bed and a cabinet to store their clothes. When it comes to color, men have simple tastes too. They usually go for neutral colors or go for dark tones. They can go for a few to no decorations at all. In a modern setting, men can have a multifunctional bed to keep more clothes and items for storage. Instead of a hollow underside, men choose a bed with drawers underneath for storage of other items aside from clothes.

Manly gorgeous   

Who says men can’t have a gorgeous design for their room? It’s also a trendy room design to have a feminine touch added to it. Men can go for light and pastel colors, add hardwood furniture and apply wood-toned wallpapers to give the room a classy elegance, but still retaining the manly qualities of simplicity. Optional additions to the room can be a couch, a table or a bench, depending on the size of the room. This design trend gives a welcoming, comfortable and sexy feel for visitors, especially women.


Guys also take inspiration from the hotel they stayed in. One noticeable quality is the wide window or transparent glass wall overlooking the sea, the city or simply the yard outside. These are also great for letting natural light inside the room. The color patterns are complementing or contrasting, especially when it comes to the bed. Chairs and a small table make a good receiving area for visitors as they also get to share the fantastic view near the window. 


Men also want to make their rooms a great ego booster. They usually give their rooms designs and accessories that reflect their expression of masculinity. These can range from subtle hints like color choice for the bed, furniture, and wall to bold and daring ones like a transparent drawer containing the newest adult toys for guys or an assortment of gun collections. Modern working males usually go somewhere in between, adding a bookshelf lined with books of their interest, an upholstered chair for the sitting area, a dark-colored nightstand or simply picture frames and posters of their masculine interests.



Men can also give their rooms that romantic and lady swooning look by choosing a hardwood floor matched with a white, beige or bright colored beddings. The floor can be complemented with an area rug with brown, black or grey designs and generally white or light-colored background. The room can be added more depth with light manly colors such as shades of brown or grey. Add a combination of lightings such as overhead light and table lamps on each side, to set the mood for a romantic evening. Top off the romantic touch with a small bench with scented candles and flowers placed near the bed.


Giving the room a youthful, light and energetic look is one of the trends followed by young professionals who like to stay connected to their high school and college days. Having a simple, dark blue color for the bed, with limited pillows make your bed a great hang for your buddies. A couch with throw pillows is a great addition where you can have lively conversations or play chillin’ music with your friends. You can also bring out classic or modern college life themes, like skateboards, beach babes and fraternity logos. Give the lights a playful effect by installing hanging lamps and dimmable overhead lighting.


Men also love to keep in touch with their primal side by going for the rustic design. It’s also a way of keeping themselves close to nature, with natural materials dominating the room’s theme. The bed, wall, furniture, and floor can be made of hardwood. The blanket and the area rug can have animal themes like a zebra or tiger’s stripes. The windows should be spacious and transparent to allow natural light in during the day and add some night chill during the evening. If space allows it, you can have one of your walls made of transparent glass installed with a sliding door and veranda, where you can have an awesome view of the night sky and more time for stargazing.

Surfer’s cave

Guys who love the sea and catching waves can bring their passion as the theme of their bedroom. Navy blue or sky blue and white make the typical color combinations signifying the sea, sky, and clouds. Surfboards, paintings with coastal and beach themes and personal photos at the beach make the room gain a more coastal feel. For added effect, pillow sheets can have an anchor or aquatic designs. Also, the paint color of one of the walls can be any shade of blue, preferably those with a lighter tone. Surfers don’t have many things in their rooms, so it characteristically contains some workout equipment like dumbbells and some books about the sea or surfing.

Dark and light

Taking inspiration from the yin and yang principle of the Chinese, men also go for opposites and contrasting themes in their rooms. Some mix dark or slightly dark colors such as brown and white and grey and white. They add aesthetic appeal and mystery to the due to a combination of well-lit areas and dark areas. Also, the bed can have a playful contrast of dark and light colors and the painting themes can be Chinese or Japanese calligraphy or paintings associated with the philosophy of yin and yang. Hanging bulbs and table lamps make good lightning systems that showcase the harmony of dark and light 

There are many trends when it comes to men’s bedrooms. Men are also creative and open to ideas and suggestions to further improve or even change their bedroom trends. One thing to remember is to not deviate from your lifestyle and personality. Treat your room as an extension of yourself and it should match your home’s interior design. When men keep these simple steps, they can relax and get their bedroom to be classy and praiseworthy.