Technologies now can change even your experience at home, so let’s see how precisely they can make it. We will tell you how smart home technologies make our life a little easier and more enjoyable.

Mobile App

The task of the mobile application for residents of an apartment is to collect in one place all issues related to living and house management, systematize residents’ requests, and automate the control of their implementation.

Smart Camera

It helps to monitor the safety of the house. The user will be able to monitor online what is happening in the apartment. Some camera models recognize faces, voices, work in the dark and transmit home security information to the host’s mobile app. A “smart” camera is able to recognize “friends” and “strangers”, it can create a database of visitors with photographs. By showing the guest’s photo, the application specifies the person’s status.

smart camera

The main thing in a “smart” camera is that it not only captures what is happening but also analyzes it. Its task is to distinguish a burglar from a dog, car or tree because ordinary motion sensors can react to any movement. Some cameras can keep a log of events and record video not only on the internal memory card but also on the cloud server. By the way, the “smart” camera can interact with the “smart” lock: you can remotely open the door to the courier, and the camera will make sure that everything is in order.

Water Leakage Control System

An important element in a modern apartment that will help to avoid problems with neighbours or additional expenses for repairs. The water leakage control system is connected to the water supply in the house and monitors the leakage with the help of sensors. In the event of an accident, it sends a notification to the apartment owner and blocks the water supply.

A system for simulating the presence in the house

Simulating home presence works almost like in the movie Home Alone, where the protagonist turned on music and lights to scare off burglars. This system can turn on and off the lights in different rooms at different intervals, turn on music, and pre-recorded audio tracks with the voices of the owners.

Smart Locks

Smart Lock is an electronic lock that can be opened and closed using a smartphone. You can do this remotely, even while at work, and if you suddenly forget to close the lock, it will remind you of this via your smartphone. The system stores data about who opened the door and when(it is possible to view the logs of entry and exit). For example, parents can make sure their children get to and from school on time. Smart locks can automatically open when the owner approaches by connecting to his smartphone via Bluetooth.

It can be opened using a fingerprint, a code, or through applications on a smartphone. If you want to give access to guests, you just need to add a new user and come up with a code for him – and if necessary, you can revoke access by removing the user from the application. Many electronic locks are “secured” with a regular physical key. In the event of a burglary, you can set up an automatic notification to the police or home security service.

Technology throughout the home

Smart gadgets for rooms

Smart mattresses, pillows, bedspreads

Tracks the quality of your sleep and sends information to the application on your smartphone.

Smart Pillow

Smart Bed

Adjusts the level of inclination of the bed, raises and lowers the upper and lower half of the mattress. You can select the desired mode: for reading, watching TV, or anti-snoring mode.

The bed can be controlled using a remote control, smartphone app, or voice.

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Smart Curtains

Curtains and curtain rods can be opened and closed using a wireless switch or voice commands. It is possible to set up automatic opening and closing of curtains on a timer – or, for example, when you come home.

smart curtains

Smart Lighting

Allows you to set the timer on and off the light, as well as adjust the lighting mode using sensors. A motion sensor turns on the light when someone enters the room, and a light sensor automatically dims the lights when the sun comes out. You can turn on a warm, soft light in the evening to get your body ready for sleep or simulate the daylight when it’s cloudy outside.

Smart thermostat and climate control

Thanks to this technology, you can automatically maintain the set temperature in the room and adjust it remotely. This allows you to save money by turning off the heating in the absence of residents. The system also allows you to turn on the heater or air conditioner remotely before coming home.

smart thermostat

Smart Socket

No more worrying if you turned off the iron – you can check it in the app. In addition to automatic on/off switching, the smart socket allows you to keep track of how much electricity a particular device consumes.

Smart refrigerator

Sitting at work, thinking about what to cook for dinner? Check online what is in the refrigerator at home through the built-in camera. Also, using the tablet built into the refrigerator, you can search for recipes, leave notes to each other and order products. Generates a list of products that have run out by reading barcodes from packages.

Smart fridge

Smart trash bin

The smart bin automatically opens the lid when you approach it, automatically seals the full garbage bag, and then pulls the new bag out of the special cartridge itself. It also sends a reminder to the smartphone that it is time to take out the trash.

Smart oven

Allows you to control the preparation of the dish using the camera (and also take pictures of it for Instagram right in the oven). Oven temperature settings can be controlled remotely.

Smart Oven