Men’s Blazers – Too Big, Too Tight, Does It Fit Right?

Men’s Blazers – Too Big, Too Tight, Does It Fit Right?

Topman Blazers for men 2013

Men’s Blazers

Whilst styling men for 2013, there is one sure thing you can count on; the blazer is a must-have jacket for the coming year. Its versatility means that this simple piece can add a finishing layer to a variety of different outfits and looks. The blazer is what I call fast fashion, it’s spontaneous, quick to throw on and the result is a clean, funky finish. The best blazers, fit perfectly and reflect your own personal style and image.

Typically, a blazer has a slim fit as opposed to a snug fit and should fall to about your mid-hip. Your average blazers have one or two buttons with an elegant lapel, but this doesn’t mean that other styles of blazers won’t look good too. Some styles for men can have, three quarter length sleeves, a colourful lining, or bold buttons. The variety out there now is endless and it’s down to your own personal taste. Different labels will vary in quality, style and fit. I personally find Zara blazers are a great starting point to get your head around actually wearing a blazer. If you are a guy with big muscles and a smaller waist, Hugo Boss is great for attacking this luxury problem.

Paul Smith Blazer for men 2013

Paul smith purple blazer.

Fabrics Make All The Difference

The key when choosing a blazer are the fabrics, it will affect the style of the blazer, the way it sits on your body and the whole look of your outfit. A typical wool blazer will look different compared to a tweed one and the flexibility will vary as well.

Fashion caution; be aware that when choosing your blazer, different fabrics will have different impacts on you. For example, blazers made with satin material tend not to stretch too much, so be aware that if you have big muscles and you choose a satin blazer your movement may be restricted. Keeping this in mind, when choosing your designs, go for a blazer that could suit many different outfits. This really depends on the style of the clothing you own. Black or charcoal grey jackets in a mid-weight fabric like light wool or cotton is a smart starting point because they can be paired with most (nearly all) colours and styles of clothing.

One direction - Harry wearing a blazer

One Direction’s staple pieces, are Blazers

Tight & Short Sleeves

Pay close attention to the fit when you try on the jacket (the measurements are usually on the label) and keep in mind that; the more labels you experiment with, the better your knowledge of what suits you will be. Too tight, and the blazer will look ill-fitting and uncomfortable. You should be able to button the jacket easily, without compromising its shape. It should have a relaxed waist, but the shoulders should be well fitted to your body. I find that some men have a meltdown, because the sleeves can be a tad shorter than what they are used to. It’s not a suit jacket, so don’t stress about this minor detail just embrace it.

Topman - Blue Blazers for men

Topman – navy blue blazer.

Quality Versus Price

When you consider Ted Baker London or Paul Smith versus Zara or Topman, there is a big difference in the materials used, the fit and the overall quality of the blazer. When it comes to price there is also a difference. If you have never owned a blazer, then I suggest that you start at Zara or Topman because it will mean that you can experiment with many different blazers and figure out your best blazer style without breaking the bank. Some men that I style seem to fear change and more so when it comes to a blazer – their old habits die hard. Both Zara and Topman offer a good range of affordable, stylish blazers, so if you are relaxed about jackets, like most men I’ve met are, then you won’t feel too bad if you lose it. Once you feel comfortable with wearing a blazer, you might want to upgrade to more expensive labels, it can make all the difference but there are qualities to the high-street brand blazer that mustn’t go amiss (the cheaper prices, the up-to-date street-style fashions and the accessibility of the shops). So don’t waste another minute, release your inner ‘blazer bro’ and get cracking on experimenting with your style and finding your perfect blazer.

Ted Baker London - Blazers for men

Ted Baker London

Leon Camier - Super Biker trying on a Super Blazer by Hugo Boss

Hugo Boss Blazer worn by Leon Camier Super Bike rider

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