Sons Of Heroes – Interview With Designer Lee Sedman

Sons Of Heroes – Interview With Designer Lee Sedman

Sons of Heroes Interview

Men Style Fashion: Why did you call the label, Sons of Heroes?

Lee Sedman: The brand was named Sons of Heroes in order to pay respect to the common man, who has made sacrifices or heroic feats that have had a positive effect on any individual or collective. Each and every one of us has had a heroic figure in there lives at one point or another, who have inspired them to be the people that they are today. My family have been my inspiration, therefore making myself; a Son of Heroes.

Men Style Fashion: Where does your inspiration come from?

Lee Sedman: Sons of Heroes inspiration really comes from within. Taking inspiration from past and current memories – which then evolves very organically. Forcing ideas for myself always seems contrived, whilst lacking integrity. Its all about a mood and a feeling.

Men Style Fashion: How would you describe Sons of Heroes style? What is your aim in each of your collections?

“I would possibly describe the Sons of Heroes style as Semi-Formal Eccentric Rock.”

Lee Sedman: Our main aim each season is really to be true to ourselves and design a collection that we would be happy to wear ourselves. Too many brands and designers, at the moment, are chasing the easy money by creating products that suit the generic masses – making the high street a very dull place. We are all individuals with individual likes and dislikes – Sons of Heroes aims to be true to itself whilst capturing the imagination of those who are not sheep by providing a product that remains affordable, accessible and wearable. I would possibly describe the Sons of Heroes style as Semi-Formal Eccentric Rock.

Sons of Heroes

Men Style Fashion: Your Black Panther T-Shirt is proving to be very popular among musical artists. Can you give examples of some highlights so far regarding this?

Lee Sedman: Our most successful pieces at the moment with musical artists are definitely; the leather and silk bombers with the over-sized animal face prints, along with printed t-shirts sporting the same image. We have been very fortunate that the jackets especially have been spotted on a number of successful artists both in Europe and the US, including Trey Songz, Justin Bieber, 2 Chainz, Wiz Khalifa, Rihanna, JLS, Muse, The Killers etc… I guess for myself the highlight would be at the BET awards in the US last year – during the awards evening there were around 6 male artists performing. Two of them being 50Cent and T.I, both sporting the Sons of Heroes Black panther printed garments – which for a small company based in the UK, it’s very satisfying to see two very successful artists from across the pond choosing to wear Sons of Heroes at the same event.

Men Style Fashion: What are your thoughts about how men’s fashion is evolving right now?

Lee Sedman: The fashion industry has become too much of a business. By saying this, I guess the point I am making is that the industry is controlled too much by business-minded individuals rather than creative individuals. The industry is too caught up on costings, margins and direct competitor profits. Long gone are the days when product was key and any garment integrity has but disappeared. This has all led to a very stale market place that lacks any form of newness and creativity.

Lee Sedman - Designer Sons of Heroes

Lee Sedman

Men Style Fashion: What trend advice can you give to our 23,000 followers for this coming winter?

Lee Sedman: The only advice I can possibly offer is, to be true to yourself and don’t be afraid to stand out from the crowd – wear what feels right and not what people try to convince you is right.

Men Style Fashion: What’s your favourite pair of shoes right now?

Lee Sedman: Don’t get me started on shoes – I really have a bit of a shoe fetish but have not really found any shoes that have seriously done it for myself recently. I used to travel to Tokyo fairly often and always returned back to the UK with a number of amazing shoes. I’m in desperate need of a Japan shoe fix. Currently, as my days consist of working followed by walking my two little bulldogs, then working, then walking, then working – my footwear choice at the moment seems to be a pair of extremely filthy Converse boots.

Men Style Fashion: Thank you for taking the time to talk to us, Lee.

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