Engagement rings are one of the most traditional and sentimental testaments of love. Women swoon over the unique designs and their partners spend a great deal of time choosing the most appropriate ring. However, did you know that engagement rings are not only for the female gender? In fact, a growing number of men are choosing to wear this type of jewelry in order to display their commitment.

This is why it is a good idea to take a quick look at some of the most common male preferences as well as what to consider when selecting the appropriate style. If you are looking to propose in the near future, why not surprise your special someone with a “his and hers” ring set?

Simple and Bold

The majority of men prefer a rather subdued style when choosing their engagement ring. While diamonds may indeed be present, they are normally kept to a minimum. As we should naturally expect, the engagement ring bands for men also tend to be thicker when compared to those designed for women. Engravings may nonetheless be present and this will primarily depend upon the needs of the wearer.

Men's Engagement Rings

What Types of Metals are Popular?

Gold is obviously a popular choice, as it is seen to represent the most traditional type of engagement ring. Having said this, there is nothing wrong with opting for a bit of modernity in terms of the metals employed. Amalgams such as white and rose gold can provide a unique aesthetic appeal. However, some predominant choices in these times include platinum, palladium and even rhodium (although rhodium is a very expensive metal). Many me prefer the lustre and decidedly “clean” appeal of so-called white metals.

The Presence of Precious Stones

As mentioned previously, many male engagement rings are rather spartan in terms of their overall appearance. There can still be times when you wish to add a bit of flair through the use of precious stones. In terms of diamonds, it is normally wise to choose smaller stones that are woven into the design of the band. The same holds true for other options such as sapphires, rubies and emeralds. In fact, there is nothing wrong with using one or more precious stones to add a flash of colour.

man engagement ring with precious stone

Some men will also choose a specific birthstone (or the birthstone of their partner) to be incorporated into the design of their engagement ring. As always, this is more of a personal preference than a rule of thumb. For some sophisticated men, the option in the men’s ring is all about meteorites because they want to feel out of this world.

man diamond engagement ring

There are many reputable online diamond dealers who are able to provide a host of unique stones to choose from; saving you time as well as money. The most important takeaway point is that a growing number of men are choosing to wear an engagement ring before the big day arrives. If you are able to appreciate some predominant trends and are not afraid of adding a bit of personality to the overall design, there is no doubt that the perfect ring awaits.

man getting ready for the big day