Wearing a mens tennis bracelet seems to be the next jewelry trend for guys that’s borrowed from woMens accessories and transformed for male wearers. In the past, there have been lots of fashion trends, particularly for accessories and jewelry, that have crossed over from one gender to the other.


When Fashion Crosses the Gender Line

While most people think of the way ladies’ fashions have borrowed from the men (think men’s suits, fedoras, and neckties), there are times in history when fashion has jumped the other way. From the Renaissance through the Elizabethan era, men borrowed the elaborate embroidery work, jewelry, and even high-heeled shoes and applied them to men’s fashions. Elaborately embellished clothing trimmed with lots of ruffles and lace were considered the height of men’s fashion, and men wore lots of jewelry, from intricately jeweled necklaces to oversized pearl and gold earrings. William Shakespeare, King Henry VIII, and Sir Walter Raleigh all wore lots of jewelry in their times.

Today, men are once again appropriating women’s fashions, including jewelry such as tennis bracelets and pendant necklaces. For style, look to men like Jaden Smith, who has modeled for Louis Vuitton’s women’s clothing line, and Pharrell, who has worn Celine’s women’s outerwear. For both clothing and jewelry, Prince was an icon who frequently wore everything from poet’s blouses and high-heeled boots to ropes of pearls and stacked bracelets.

Modern Men’s Jewelry Trends

In the 1950s, men’s ID bracelets were popular. Most were chunky bracelets with substantial links and a simple, central panel engraved with their names. This trend remained popular on-and-off for decades and is currently seeing a resurgence. Today’s ID bracelets for men offer more variety, with options like yellow gold, rose gold, and styles set with diamonds or precious gems being popular. In the 1960s and 1970s, men’s necklaces and chains entered the mainstream. Pendants with Zodiac signs were frequently seen as well as crosses, Italian horns, and initials. Today, you see men of all persuasions wearing earrings in one or both ears. Diamond studs, as well as hoop earrings in precious metals such as gold and platinum as well as silver and stainless steel, are all men’s jewelry trends that have become mainstream.

Why The Men’s Tennis Bracelet?

As we move into a new decade, we’re confident that the men’s tennis bracelets will become the next jewelry trend for men that will soon become a fashion staple. There are several reasons we think you’ll soon see men from all walks of life adorning their wrists with an unbroken row of diamonds or gemstones:

Men’s Bracelets are Popular

Bracelets have become the most popular men’s accessory after earrings. While necklaces had a good run, they aren’t as popular as they were in the 1980s and 1990s when they reached peak popularity. Nowadays, you see far more men on the streets and the fashion runways wearing bracelets as single accents or stacked for added impact. Among the celebrities who love bracelets are such luminaries as Johnny Depp, Leonardo DiCaprio, Steve Tyler, Cam Newton, and Colin Farrell.

Men Like Diamonds

Although they say diamonds are a girl’s best friend, men have appreciated diamonds since Egyptian times. They’ve been set in royal crowns, necklaces, and other kinds of men’s jewelry for thousands of years. For modern men, the favorite earring by far is the diamond stud. Wearing a men’s diamond tennis bracelet is a great way to present a polished, coordinated look. Diamonds also hold their value, so they’re a good investment when choosing jewelry. Diamonds tend to increase in value over time, so purchasing a diamond men’s tennis bracelet is a wise purchase that will never go out of style.

Men's Tennis Bracelet - The Next Big Mens Jewelry Trend?

Tennis Bracelets Can Be Dressed Up or Down

Mens tennis bracelets go well with any outfit. A chunky band of white diamonds set in gold looks great with jeans and a tailored tee-shirt as well as a bespoke suit or tuxedo. For more casual looks, consider bolder links and possibly some colored stones. Black diamonds are very popular in men’s tennis bracelets, increasing the masculine quotient. For dressier looks and formal attire, a sleek bracelet set with perfectly matched, crystal-clear diamonds is elegant and refined. Because diamonds are so classic, they go with just about anything in your wardrobe.

Go Big or Go Home

While you can vary the styles when shopping for a men’s tennis bracelet, you should keep one thing in mind – bigger is better. If you’re going to appropriate the tennis bracelet, be sure you move away from delicate, more feminine styles and opt for boldness and maximum impact. A more significant strand of diamonds will not only catch the eye, but it’s also an unmistakable statement that this is a man’s bracelet. Because men’s wrists and hands are larger than women, they need to wear correspondingly larger bracelets for the look to be successful. Think about men’s watches – they are bigger and bolder than women’s watches for a reason. The same logic applies to men’s tennis bracelets.

Gold Options

When shopping for a men’s tennis bracelet, consider all the options for the setting, which is just as crucial as the gemstones. While white gold is very popular, yellow gold and rose gold men’s tennis bracelets are quickly gaining popularity.

Yellow gold adds a bit of warmth to the look of the bracelet and pairs particularly well with colors like olive, pumpkin, and brown. If your wardrobe has a lot of these colors, consider a yellow gold men’s tennis bracelet.

Rose gold seems, at first glance, an unusual choice. But a look at fashionable men reveals an affinity for this pastel shade. Men from news anchors to sports commentators today wearing purple, lavender, and pink shirts with navy and charcoal suits. A rose gold men’s tennis bracelet will coordinate beautifully with this look, lending polish and a touch of sparkle. If your wardrobe prominently features grays and charcoals or shades in the pink/purple spectrum, a rose gold diamond tennis bracelet will look amazing.

Will the men’s tennis bracelet be the next big men’s jewelry trend? No one can know for sure, but if the styles seen on the runway and past fashion trends are any indication, the men’s tennis bracelet is poised to be the next big fashion statement for today’s most stylish men.