Men’s Hairstyles – The Hairdresser Who Listens

Men’s Hairstyles – The Hairdresser Who Listens

London Fashion Week 2013 - Men's Hairstyles

Mainstream Hipster

As a child, I remember hating having my haircut. My mother would march me across the street to a neighbours house, I would unceremoniously be dumped upon a stool, told to wipe away my tears and keep still unless I wanted half an ear missing, while the cold clang of the steel blades swished and swashed through my thick blonde mop, swathes of hair falling off right in front of my eyes. I am now able to take myself to get a haircut but that thought still lives long in the memory.

Sean – Hairdresser

I have had my haircut so many times and gone out literally crying. But I kid you not with Sean I always go out smiling every single time.  He always asks what I want and then listens and get’s it right every single time. Getting my haircut has never been one of my favourite pastimes; all too often you ask for one style and the hairdresser interprets your request as an invite to let their own creative overtures take centre stage. So how refreshing it was to meet a hairdresser that listens.

As one might expect from a man who cuts hair must be immediately attentive to my needs, listening to what I wanted from a haircut, while at the same time going through some images and ideas he thought may suit my facial shape and the current look I was already sporting.

Customer Service

With a good coffee in hand – thanks to Sean – and comfortably ensconced in my chair, Sean took to my hair and made me feel at ease with his easy chatter, his polite yet vivacious demeanour and a professionalism that can only be gained from over a decade seeing to the needs, styles and fashion statements of peoples hair the world over.


We talked about the products he used  and how they helped to lift and shape your hair; we discussed the use of lemons, yes lemons, to give your hair a natural shine and understated highlights and the importance of using good quality shampoos and conditioners to ensure your hair remains as healthy as possible. And the end result, a haircut I genuinely loved.

The Hairdresser Who Listens

This really was a fantastic experience and  here are some more hair style tips from Sean. Remember your hair style is as important as the clothes you wear for any man or women who likes to take good care of his appearance.

For appointments contact Sean on [email protected]

London Fashion Week 2013 - Men's Hairstyles

High and Tight

London Fashion Week 2013 - Men's Hairstyles

Let it grow

London Fashion Week 2013 - Men's Hairstyles

London Fashion Week 2013 - Men's Hairstyles

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