Men’s Sandals – Selfridges London 2015

Men’s Sandals – Selfridges London 2015

It’s been a long time since I have written about men’s sandals. When I started MenStyleFashion the styles out there were a sad state of fashion blunders. But it is good to see that in 2015 many brands have taken the liberty of thinking about what the guy should wear on his summer feet. Guys before you expose those toes make sure you go and get a pedicure. There is nothing more horrible to see a guy wearing cool sandals but exposing winter feet. The following images are from sandals taken at Selfridges in London last week. Yes you can go an get these right now. All under one roof no time wasting and quick easy purchases.

The styles are well thought out and guys I encourage you to explore the world of sandals. The versatility of styles out there now are suited to be worn with many types of fabrics. The mixture of metal and zips designed within the sandals is very masculine. Very edgy indeed.

Slick and Slim

Let’s face it most men’s feet are wide and long and therefore it makes perfect sense to illustrate that within the design of the footwear. Now I spotted this brand in Girona Spain and the moment I saw them it was a sandal that get’s a lot of attention when worn well. The brand is called agua patagona. the roman sandals are one of my favorites and they look great with jeans, shorts, chinos and linen trousers. Not a sandal for long walks but a nice stroll the the streets of Europe on a hot summer night.

Sandals For men 2015 MenStyleFashion (7)

Chunky And Funky

Now finally a mix of style with designs we can relate too. These style and mix of colours are so masculine and states Mr Cool. They can be styled to your own wardrobe. These would look great with suit shorts.

Chunky sandals for men

Cover Your Toes

Now for those men who can’t be bothered giving love to your toes then these sandals are perfect for you. One again show casing your personal sense of style. These would look great with a linen suit. The perfect city sandal.


Socks Or Not?

No matter what there are men out there that choose to wear sandals with socks. I don’t get it and I don’t approve but with the examples below we could only conclude that its your sense of personal style and how you choose to wear you summer sandals.

colcci-2015-winter-inverno-mens-fashion-runway-sao-paulo-brazil-moda-desfiles-denim-jeans-outerwear-coat-blazer-shorts-dots-colorblock-sandals-socks-01x david-andersen-copenhagen-fashion-week-2015-spring-summer-mens-black-white-blazer-shorts-grosgrain-banded-strap-socks-sandals-biker-androgyny-bomber-03x Socks-and-Sandals-SS-2015

Slip Sliding Away

I love these shoes on men but every guys I know who tries them on say the same thing. I am slip sliding away, these sandals look good but have no grip. So why on earth to they make them. Well from a woman’s point of view it’s in our DNA to wear shoes that look good but have no comfort or practicality sense at all. The choice is down to you but caution get ready for some tricky walking.

Sandals For men 2015 MenStyleFashion (3)


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