Stylish Sweatpants To Wear In Public – Kickstarter

Stylish Sweatpants To Wear In Public – Kickstarter

Most men don’t feel confident wearing sweatpants in public. They’re too baggy, too long or too old. They drag in the rain, they fray at the bottoms, and they make respectable social interactions damn near impossible.

All Day Every Day Pant

To solve this problem, Public Rec has just released the All Day Every Day (ADED) Pant. Available in a personalized waist and length sizing for a better fit, men can wear the ADED Pant confidently in public, whether running errands with a significant other, catching a movie with friends, or heading to the gym with a buddy. The ADED Pant has a tailored fit with tapered bottoms, four pockets (two with zippers), and a faux front fly for a more formal look.

To reinvent sweatpants, Public Rec started from scratch. Hammering out 8 rounds of prototypes over an 18 month period, the company reworked the fit and construction of your old, baggy sweatpants to find the delicate balance between comfort and stylish design. Further, with an ultra-soft synthetic fabric blend of nylon and spandex that wicks moisture with high breath ability, these pants are built for an active lifestyle.



Public Rec

Public Rec was first conceived 6 years ago, when Zach, its founder, was still in college. An avid sweatpants aficionado, he was unable to find a pair that fit him well. In fact, given Zach’s dimensions, his favourite sweatpants became a pair he stole from his mom. After spending some time in the finance world, Zach decided to quit his job and pursue his passion for Public Rec full-time.


Do you want to know more about the All Day Every Day Pant, you can purchase them on Kickstarter.

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