As telemedicine becomes a more significant part of the healthcare industry, it has been subject to several criticisms that can potentially limit its success as a healthcare delivery system.

Telemedicine has continued to grow in popularity, especially among patients who prefer the convenience and anonymity it offers.

One area where telemedicine is increasingly being used is in the treatment of men’s sexual health issues which is because there are some benefits associated with telemedicine for this particular patient population, including:

Men’s Sexual Health in a Digital Age - The Benefits of Telemedicine for Men


Telemedicine offers patients the convenient option of receiving care in their own homes via the internet or other technologies, enabling them to get care from the comfort of their home without taking time off work or finding childcare.

The convenience is a tremendous benefit for men who may have other obligations in addition to their sexual health concerns. Such conditions can help you create the optimal conditions for your health.

No transportation and fees associated with office visits are necessary when you consult your physician online or through a video service. You will also be able to receive prescriptions in the mail without having to wait for refills in an in-office visit.

Treatment Options

Telemedicine also offers patients the possibility of getting treatments for certain conditions that would be more difficult to get in a traditional office setting. For example, treatments for erectile dysfunction (ED) and premature ejaculation are often available via telemedicine.

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One of the benefits of telemedicine is that it allows patients to maintain their anonymity which can be especially beneficial for men who may be reluctant to discuss their sexual health concerns with a physician in person.

In a telemedicine setting, patients can communicate with their physician online or over the phone without worrying about being seen in public. Anonymity is crucial for mental health, which can affect sexual health. Being anonymous also helps to protect your privacy.


When patients talk to their physicians in person, they often worry that others are hearing their conversations. With telemedicine, there are no other people in the room with you during your appointment, which means that all of your discussions can be kept private.

Some healthcare providers even encourage teleconferencing to maintain patient privacy which can be especially beneficial for men who may be uncomfortable discussing their sexual health issues with other people.

Access to Specialists

Telemedicine also offers patients the ability to access specialists who may not be available in their local area. For example, if you live in a rural area and are experiencing a sexual health condition that requires specialist care, you may not be able to see a specialist without travelling a long distance.

In a telemedicine setting, you can consult with a specialist without having to leave your home, which can be beneficial for men who may not be able to travel or who live in rural areas.

Less Chance of Contracting New Illnesses

Telemedicine also offers men the opportunity to be screened for certain STDs or other illnesses before they meet with a physician in person. Doing so can help you avoid exposure to new infections that may put you at risk for contracting AIDS or other sexually transmitted diseases (STDs).

Unprotected sex is the leading cause of new STD infections in the United States, so getting screened for these diseases is essential. If you are diagnosed with an STD, you can then begin treatment right away.

There are several benefits associated with telemedicine for men’s sexual health, including convenience, treatment options, and anonymity.

If you are experiencing any issues with your sexual health, it is worth considering seeking care via telemedicine. You may be surprised at how much this mode of medicine can help you.