Men are paying more attention to style than at any other time in recent history. It goes beyond finding the right pants, shirts, and shoes. Men are even focusing on style when it comes to essential wardrobe items like outerwear. These trends get top marks when it comes to cozy men’s outerwear for the 2021 winter season.

Overcoats are Going Oversized

This is an often-misunderstood fashion statement for many men. An overcoat is a long coat, often extending below the knee, that is designed to be worn as the outermost layer. They are available in many different styles and fabrics and are usually designed for more formal attire. It not only offers protection from the cold but also offers protection for the clothing it covers as well.

Formal overcoats, while designed to be worn over other clothing, are often designed to fit beautifully, current trends are for oversized overcoats that are worn in conjunction with more casual attire. These overcoats allow men to wear multiple layers underneath, bolstering the warmth. With the oversized trend growing in prominence, so is the use of different types of materials for these overcoats. This means they appeal to a much broader audience than the formal overcoats of years past.

Layers are All the Rage

Versatility is the name of the game for the modern man. This rings true when it comes to keeping warm with stylish men’s outerwear choices as well. Fortunately, there are plenty of options available that allow men from all walks to layer their looks for a perfectly polished and “put together” appearance in any type of winter weather.

You’ll find a variety of lined and unlined jackets, windbreakers, vests, puffers, coats, parkas, overshirts, trenches, raincoats, overcoats, and more to satisfy the most distinguished and casual styles available. Layering means you can add or shed layers as needed to accommodate varying temperatures over the course of a single day, a weekend, or an entire winter. It also allows you to dress up or down your outfit in style (as needed) without sacrificing your overall look.

Bomber Jackets are the Bomb!

In order to get the widest appeal from your bomber jacket, you need to rethink everything you know about these stylish outerwear options for men. First, they were traditionally worn a bit large. That isn’t the current style choice for these jackets.

In fact, a somewhat snug, but not too snug, fit around the shoulders and arms is preferable for the current style. You don’t want the jacket to be restrictive but do want to cut a striking figure when wearing your bomber jacket. Oversized jackets take away much of the appeal these types of jackets typically deliver. You also want to make sure the sleeves fit and aren’t too long for your arms. Otherwise, you lose the fitted look you’re seeking. Finally, make sure the colour and style match the rest of your outfit.

History of MA-1 Bomber Jacket

The great thing about a bomber jacket as men’s outerwear is that it works in many situations. Whether you’re going for a casual look, or something slightly more dressed up, the right bomber jacket can strike the perfect tone. Plus, it offers a perfect hint of warmth when the temperatures are less than ideal. It’s all about the style and materials of your bomber jacket and the items you pair it with.

Leather Continues to Win the Winter Days and Nights

Leather may be one of the most perfect materials for men’s outerwear. It is exceptional for blocking wind and also presents a solid barrier for rain, sleet, and snow. The fact that it offers a stylish solution for nearly any cut of the jacket is a side benefit that is well worth remembering as you seek out the perfect outerwear for your winter-weather needs.

Leather can be styled in a way that easily dresses up or down. It can be worn lined with a wide range of materials to add warmth without sacrificing style. Most importantly, it layers well with various dressy or casual men’s styles. This simply adds to the versatility, making leather coats for men one of the most iconic and widely sought items of men’s outerwear among style-conscious men from all social and economic backgrounds.

Top it off with the durability and longevity of leather and you have a winner when it comes to men’s outerwear. Many men, though, simply prefer the look and feel of leather as a style choice and a personal statement. Leather allows men to appear effortlessly stylish in a way few other materials can manage. Choosing the right additional accessories only accentuates that “careless style” many men seek to cultivate.

It is true that most men’s outerwear choices are specifically about warmth and protection from the elements. However, modern men understand the importance of style and the right outerwear choices are reflections of your fashion savvy.