MenStyleFashion Week – Do Men Care about Catwalk Events?

MenStyleFashion Week – Do Men Care about Catwalk Events?

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What are the trends right now for men this 2014? Do men give a toss about embracing trends? How influential are catwalk events for men? Do men follow style icons? What is defined as a style icon? How powerful are male celebrities when it comes to dictating future trends? Do men care or want to know about clothing that is not available on the high street until months later?

Men don’t follow trends

In my expert opinion and in asking the guys these questions the reality is NO. For most men these days it’s all about what defines them. It’s about classic cuts and quality fabrics. Men go for things to last and remain strong for years to come.

They dress for comfort, practicality and purpose. Most men respect and appreciate the man on the street not the catwalk. Most men are more focused on outfits that last for months or years on end. When a guy buys a jacket he normally wants it to be worn all season round and for everyday purpose including evenings.

Fashion and Hobbies go hand in hand

A guy always focuses his wardrobe around his hobbies. In most cases as long as it functions and keeps him warm in winter and cool in summer he is not bothered either way. Most guys I talk to always explain that they did not think about their style they were simply in a hurry, and off they went.

So where does this leave MenStyleFashion? Why are we so influential in what we do? What is it about our style that separates us from catwalks?

It’s very simple. My men don’t pose. My men are just simply the street style guy, who lives for today and let’s tomorrow worry about itself. My men dress for the sole purpose of looking and feeling confident. My men, our followers, your life style and hobbies is what counts and allows  my men to engage with the everyday guy.

So it leaves me pondering, what is men’s fashion week really for?

For me it’s all about the buyers and the sellers working out what trends to buy into. It’s not telling a story at all, let alone engaging with guys about street style fashion. The way catwalks for men are currently displayed are dated, lack imagination and does not inspire a guy at all.

We are and you are MenStyleFashion. The ones following us and showing the world that true fashion icons are in fact, the guys on the street not on catwalks.


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