Skinny Jeans for Men – Are Your Legs Worth Gawking at?

Skinny Jeans for Men – Are Your Legs Worth Gawking at?

Skinny Jeans for Men

Do men, have bits worth checking out, legs worth gawking at? Is the skinny jean trend for men to get a hold of? The reason I am writing about this is whilst on the continent this week. I noticed a man in skinny jeans with no stretch to it and he could barely move. It was refreshing to see a man suffering, all in the name of fashion.  He did have a great ass but the view from the front was another matter? All crutch and a lot of bulges. Do us women really want to see men in skinny jeans and displaying it all?  If it’s ball gawking you’re after, the ballet is a perfect place for that.

Narrow hips, with knobby knees and rickety-looking legs leading down to oversized feet. Topped by a pot-belly on more than one occasion. Hi, muffin-top isn’t even cute on a girl.

I’m all about trying new trends, but this one has got me thinking that the skinny jean fashion for men is one best left to the individual? You do know that just because they are called “skinny jeans” it doesn’t mean they make you look skinny, right?

Olly Murs - leaves little to the imagination - Skinny Jeans

Olly Murs leaves little to the imagination in skinny jeans

russell brand and skinny jeans - too much information

Too much information

skinny jeans for men 2012

You the fashion jury decide?

male dancer at ballet

This is the perfect place for a man to display his “attributes”

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