Summer styling for men comes as a hazardous task. Layering up probably gets a lot easier in fall. Summer calls for comfort and adding a style statement to it is a pretty tough job. They say you either have to choose comfort or fashion but that really does not happen if you choose your wardrobe wisely. To cope up with trends you sometimes compromise comfort or vice versa. To keep up with some trending fashion ideas and styling tips, read it till the end.


Summer fashion is incomplete without tees in it. This summer, upgrade your tee collection from an absurd joke graphic tee or any solid colour tee to some stripes and warm designs. Welcome a cotton t-shirt with some stripes on it or multicoloured asymmetrical designs. Rather than putting on a solid colour tee, you can have some colour block situation going on your tee for that vogue finishing. You can style them with flare pants or shorts and add in some silver chains and shades. For footwear, crocs or shoes will do a fine job.


Diesel Asymmetric Patchwork-Effect T-Shirt

Diesel Asymmetric Patchwork-Effect T-Shirt


Whether full sleeve or half, a pure cotton shirt will never fail you in the scorching heat. Men while selecting shirts for them often avoid soft colours like pink, sky blue or lavender. Although a white shirt is classy, adding soft colours does not harm any comfort and rather than wearing a basic white shirt like every other man, you can actually look way more vibrant and smarter than them. Denim shorts or below knee shorts in solid colours can be ideal to complete the look. A sleek silver bracelet or wristwatch and a neutral shade hat will complement the overall attire. 

ralph lauren shirt


Even though you would want to wear shorts all day long, it is not possible. Isn’t it? A lightweight material jeans will definitely help you out. Instead of black jeans or navy jeans, faded jeans will look less loud and will do the job as well. Jeans can be worn with both t-shirts and shirts. To pull off a funky look, a printed vest with an open shirt will look dope. Check out some fab jeans at Big and Tall jeans.

summer jeans men


Athletic or casual wear, polos can be precisely worn in either condition. Polos enhance your physique and when worn with chino shorts and loafers or casual slippers, you will absolutely look phenomenal. Include a sunglass and you are good to go.

polo shirt men


Trends call for floral t-shirts, shirts and co-ords. Floral prints on anything gives a fresh look and tropical vibes. Whether it be a lunch date or beach day floral shirts make you look vibrant and uncommon. Adapting floral is now the new modern and a must-have in every guy’s closet. You can either try floral t-shirts with jeans or shorts or floral shirts paired with brown or beige pants or with knee-length shorts. For accessories, a hat or sunglasses, waist bag and white sneakers will look out of the world. Co-ords will make your work easier with just basic accessories like a dog tag necklace.

Floral shirt men


Look no less than a fashion week model in a relaxed suit. Let’s normalise wearing suits for casual wear as well. Who says that a suit always has to be fitted and not loose? Break the norm and be the style quotient that everyone will look up to. A matching loose blazer with trousers and sneakers is all you need for the vogue look. Keep the accessory very basic with just a wristwatch and shades and let your confidence do the rest of the job. 

Suit for men

Tie and Dye

The newest fashion of this generation is the tie and dye outfits. You’ll get a splash of colours in these and with unique designs. These are available in co-ords sets and in t-shirts. To go easy on yourself, you can put on a co-ord set and accessories with a cross body shoulder bag and sneakers. You can also add silver chains as well.

nike tie and dye t-shirt


Putting on oversized clothes not only makes you feel comfortable but also maintains your style quotient. An oversized tee worn with blue denims or loose pants and accessorised with a chain and a few rings will help you make it throughout the day. You can also wear a basketball cap with it.

oversized fashion men

Tank Tops

Slay both your casual and sporty look with tank tops. For a sporty appearance, a bulls jersey tank t-shirt with jeans will be just the fit you need. And for casual outings, wear a black or ash coloured tank top and style that with white pants or shorts. Don’t forget to accessorise with bracelets and sunglasses.

How to Buy Bulk Blank Tank Tops


Don’t leave your house without putting on a single accessory. Accessories play a huge role in styling and are a very important part of your outfit. Chains, bracelets, sunglasses, shoulder bags, rings, bucket hats, hats, baseball caps, wrist watches – you get these many options and to stand out amidst all the men, accessories will be your perfect partner.

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