FlexiSpot E8 Standing Desk Review – Easy To Assemble & Live With

FlexiSpot E8 Standing Desk Review – Easy To Assemble & Live With

Offices come in a variety of sizes and shapes, and home offices can be a small corner of a room. Offices also come in a range of furniture styles and designs. The most important thing to consider is that the home office has a workspace that allows the homeowner to function as needed.

I am a digital nomad and I have three fixed locations around Europe that I frequently visit. During this pandemic, I sat on many antique pieces of furniture as a working station. It was a back and neck-breaking experience. My commitment to wellness during work is why I changed my home office desk.

I decided to invest in a standing desk and my work life changed dramatically including my work results. For me, my computer desk has to look good and represent nature. Design is very important to me when it comes to motivation in a work environment. Now my home is my office and therefore my standing desk has to reflect the great design. It has to be a room feature and be the right furniture as a home setup.

My office is a small space so the FlexiSpot E8 Standing Desk was a great choice and perfect size for my home office. I liked that during the checkout process I could choose the size and the material for the desktop, I choose Bamboo 120 x 60cm. The legs and the frame come in two colours black and white.

I am in a tight space and I need to create plenty of room to be able to also live in my working space, hence I choose the smallest size.

FlexiSpot E8 Standing Desk - Easy To Assemble Review

Delivery & Packaging

I ordered my Flexispot E8 Desk from the Spanish site and my home computer desk was delivered to Spain in 3 different packages, from where I moved it to its final destination. Flexispot has many different country websites, UK, US, Canada, Italy, Spain, Germany, Japan, Philippines and Malaysia. The packaging was very solid construction and it all arrived in tack without any damage to the desktop.



Easy Setup

I have not assembled a workstation before. Make sure you read the booklet and understand the tools you need to assemble it. Two people are needed and an electric screwdriver for attaching the frame to the standing desk. The booklet instructions were very straightforward and easy to follow.

Once I got to stage four I had to get in some recruits. The metal frame is high quality and very heavy due to electrical motors. It can be easily assembled within 30 minutes.


Design Appeal

The uniquely designed clean lines and white steel frame legs bring an extra aesthetic appeal to my working space. For me, the special feature of the bamboo desktop is the right home office desk. It also means I can do videos on the desk and the products I review look brilliant in contrast with bamboo.


Bamboo Surface

Bamboo is a very robust and versatile material so my tabletop will last a long time. Nothing beats the elegance of a natural bamboo strip built into an ergonomic desk. It has twice the durability of ordinary wood, and a lacquer coating to help resist scratches, water and insects. For me, this is all about my mental state of mind when working on a desk. It has to feel and maintain its looks. The dual-motor lifting system enables a higher weight capacity of 125KG for all my desktop needs. I review many products so this is very handy to know.


The enhanced structure ensures stability even when at maximum capacity and at the highest setting. There is no turning back when I bought my first standing desk. I am a firm believer in wellness within the workplace. The smart control panel premium keypad has an LED display. The 4 memory presets, is an effortless and stress-free feature to have, as I am sharing this desktop with my husband who is much taller than me.


The 3-stage frame design gives extra flexibility to your desired height adjustment (60 – 125cm). It means I have ample space for this desk power.


The soft edges prevent potential injuries. Create a safer playground for your children and pets. My kids love to play with electrical devices so the child lock feature enables me to lock the height position until I have deactivated it. The round edges mean no serious injuries will occur at any height.


Executive Desk

The Flexispot E8 standing desk has very good depth, width and a large surface space for any executive office desk within a larger working office. It is the right desk to host a printer, big screens, laptop any size monitor and any other essentials I may require to use it for. Choosing this desk is a popular choice for when I have to work long hours.


The legroom and leg space is brilliant for any human being. I would use it for a gaming desk due to the adjustable legs option. The overall ergonomics is brilliant. My Feng shui is all set up and with a view like this, the overall design appeal is why I would recommend it as a brilliant investment. It’s where my money is made and I have to be at my best at all times as a mother, wife and businesswoman.


  • Desk reviewed: Flexispot E8 standing desk – Bamboo 120x60cm
  • Price: £569.98 (including VAT)
  • Website: https://flexispot.co.uk/

FlexiSpot E8 Standing Desk - Easy To Assemble Review

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