Electric athlete in the successful format of the GLA

EQA is the name of the new entry-level model to the all-electric world of Mercedes-EQ vehicles. The dynamic design of its SUV body is an indicator of the driving enjoyment to be found onboard. Offering an excellent compromise between performance, costs and time to market, the EQA is the first all-electric member of the compact car vehicle from Mercedes-Benz. A close relation of the GLA, it delivers all the thrilling characteristics of that vehicle, combined in this case with an efficient electric power train. Prices in Germany start at 47,540.50 euros [UK pricing and specification still to be confirmed].

Efficient driving pleasure

The EQA is being launched as the EQA 250 (combined electrical consumption: 15.7 kWh/100 km; combined CO2 emissions: 0 g/km) with 140 kW [190hp] and a range according to NEDC of 486 kilometres [301 miles]. Further variants to meet specific customer requirements will follow. These will include on the one hand a series of even more athletic all-wheel-drive models with an additional electric powertrain (eATS) and an output of 200 kW or more and on the other hand a version with a range of more than 500 kilometres (WLTP)4. Mercedes-EQ sees the key to a bigger range not in ever-larger batteries, but in systematic improvement in the efficiency of all vehicle components.

Mercedes EQA Entry Level Electric Car In Compact Format

Automatic anticipatory driving

Navigation with Electric Intelligence calculates as a matter, of course, the route that will get you to your destination fastest, taking into account charging times, thus taking the stress out of route planning for the driver. On the basis of continual range simulations, the system makes allowance for any necessary charging stops as well as for numerous other factors, such as the topography and the weather. It is also able to react dynamically to changes, for instance in the traffic situation or personal driving style.

Convenient charging and payment

With Mercedes me Charge, customers have access to what is currently the world’s biggest charging network:  this currently comprises more than 450,000 AC and DC charging points across 3 countries. Mercedes me Charge allows customers convenient use of the charging stations of various providers, even when travelling abroad. By registering just once, they can benefit from an integrated payment function with a simple billing process.

Green Charging

Mercedes me Charge enables customers to charge at more than 175,000 public charging points throughout Europe; Mercedes-Benz ensures a subsequent offset with green power.

Mercedes EQA Entry Level Electric Car In Compact Format

More range thanks to less drag

Low wind resistance means high efficiency – something that is particularly important with electric vehicles. The EQA is the first model from Mercedes-EQ whose aerodynamic development has been undertaken entirely digitally. The ensuing measurements undertaken in the wind tunnel revealed a Cd value of 0.28, thereby confirming the high quality of the numerical simulation. The frontal area A totals 2.47 m2. Among the most important aerodynamic measures are the completely closed cooling air control system in the upper section, the aerodynamically efficient front and rear aprons, a very smooth, almost completely enclosed underbody, specially optimised Aero wheels and specifically adapted front and rear wheel spoilers.

Sophisticated thermal management system with heat pump as standard

Efficiency was key when designing the thermal architecture too. Thanks to the heat pump that is fitted as standard, the waste heat from the electric powertrain can be used to heat the passenger compartment. This reduces drastically the draw on battery power for the heating system, thus increasing the range. It is also possible to set the pre-entry climate control for the interior of the EQA before starting. This function is controlled directly from the MBUX infotainment system or via the Mercedes me App.

Systematic noise attenuation and extensive insulation

A remarkable effort has been put into ensuring that the car meets the high level of noise and vibration comfort that is such a hallmark of the brand, including the systematic isolation of the electric powertrain from the chassis and body. Numerous damping measures designed to prevent the transmission of airborne sound serve the same purpose.

Mercedes EQA Entry Level Electric Car In Compact Format

Intelligent driving assistance systems with cooperative support from the driver

Included as standard onboard are Active Lane Keeping Assist and Active Brake Assist. In critical situations, the purpose of the latter is to prevent a collision by means of autonomous braking, or to mitigate its severity. The system is also able to brake for stationary vehicles and crossing pedestrians at typical city speeds. The enhanced functions of the Driving Assistance Package include, for example, the turning manoeuvre function, the emergency corridor function, the exit warning function alerting the driver to approaching cyclists or vehicles, and a warning when pedestrians are detected near zebra crossings. ECO Assist supports particularly relaxed driving with the help of DISTRONIC.

Mercedes EQA Entry Level Electric Car In Compact Format

Protection concept specific to Mercedes-EQ and extensive crash tests

Taking the robust structure of the GLA as the basis, the body of the EQA was adapted to meet the particular demands that face an electric car. The battery sits within a specially developed frame made out of extruded sections. This fulfils structural tasks. A battery guard in the front area of the battery is able to protect the energy storage unit from being pierced by foreign objects, and thus also prevent consequential damages. Naturally, the EQA also had to go through the brand’s normal and very thorough crash test programme. Stringent requirements for the battery and all components carrying electrical current also apply.

A true Mercedes in terms of occupant protection, too

Driver and front passenger airbags, a kneebag for the driver and windowbags are fitted as standard. The windowbags cover the first and second row of seats. Thorax-pelvis side airbags in the front are likewise standard, and available as optional equipment for the second row of seats. In conjunction with the PRE-SAFE® system (optional equipment), the front seats are equipped with electric, reversible belt reel tensioners.

Electro-aesthetics of the design signalise Progressive Luxury

The EQA comes with the typical Mercedes-EQ front-end design: a “Black Panel” radiator grille with central star. A further distinctive design feature of the all-electric world of Mercedes-EQ vehicles is the continuous light strip at front and rear: a horizontal fibre-optic strip connects the daytime running lights of the full-LED headlamps, ensuring a high level of recognisability both in daylight and at night. The inside of the headlamps is finished to a high level of quality, detail and precision. Also typical of Mercedes-EQ are the blue strips in the headlamps. The LED tail lamps merge seamlessly into the tapered LED light strip, giving the car a special look of its own from the rear, too.

Back-lit trim and rosé gold-coloured highlights in the interior

There are numerous pointers to the electric character of the EQA in the interior. Depending on the equipment line, these may include a back-lit trim element – a première for Mercedes-Benz. Further exclusive details include rosé gold-coloured decorative elements on the ventilation outlets, seats and the vehicle key. The Edition 1 [not available in the UK] special model additionally features meticulously perforated leather seats, through which can be seen a fabric in the signature Mercedes-EQ colour pure blue. The instruments, with their electric vehicle-specific displays, pick up on the same colour scheme with rosé gold-coloured and blue highlights. The Mercedes-EQ tile in the media display can be used to call up menus relating to charging options, electrical consumption and energy flow.

Mercedes EQA Entry Level Electric Car In Compact Format

A well-equipped entry point to the world of Mercedes-EQ

The standard specification of the EQA includes such features as LED High-Performance headlamps with Adaptive Highbeam Assist, the EASY-PACK tailgate with electrically operated opening and closing, 18-inch light-alloy wheels, ambient lighting with 64 colours, a double cup holder, luxury seats with four-way adjustable lumbar support, a reversing camera for added convenience and a better overview when manoeuvring, and a multifunction sports steering wheel in leather. Also included as standard are the intuitively operated infotainment system MBUX (Mercedes-Benz User Experience) and the Navigation with Electric Intelligence system. The new model can be personalised with the two design and equipment lines Electric Art (not available in the UK) and AMG Line, as well as with the Night Package.

Mercedes EQA Entry Level Electric Car In Compact Format