Velvet is a staple of interior design right now, featuring in every magazine, blog and home store you can name. We can understand exactly why it’s gorgeous!

The boldest of velvet statements is undoubtedly, the velvet sofa. Somewhat of a ‘big risk’ the velvet sofa is the dive we all want to make, but aren’t really sure where to start, what colours to choose, or how to create a vision that really works.

Well, cards on the table… we do know. Luckily for you, we’re going to share our secrets with you, so you too can turn your home from drab to fab in 2021!

Using our best-selling colours and expert knowledge, we’re going to share our top picks for colour trends. Helping you pair your interior with the perfect velvet sofa, creating a truly special space. In fact, you don’t need to buy a new velvet sofa, you can buy velvet sofa covers that would be perfect for any sofa style, whether it could be a traditional English Chesterfield sofa or a sleek steel-wood minimalist style. You can also check out Haute Home LA for more information.

So, let’s get started, shall we?

Slate Gray

We’ll start with something neutral and understated, perfect for those wanting to bring some subtle style into their space with a velvet sofa.

Gray is perfect for creating some contemporary contrast, played down with sleek neutral colours or going for bold with bright colours and bold accents. One thing is certain; Gray will not disappoint.

Gray and Royal Blue: There’s something truly timeless about this colour combination whether done in abundance or subtly, this breathes a refined and polished yet very contemporary feel into a space.

Gray and Blush Rose: Create a serene space with a Gray and Blush Rose, calming and pastel in their nature, these two colours compliment each other perfectly while still allowing some character to burst through the seams of your space. As with any combination, these colours can be used as primary features or accents, helping you create a spade totally unique to you.

Gray and Golden Yellow: The cold tone of a Slate Gray cold creates a surprisingly beautiful contrast against the warmth of a Golden Yellow. Whether Slate is your primary colour, or you have a number of Gray tones at play in your space a splash of yellow will help these colours support and project each other throughout your interior, creating a perfectly bright and contemporary space.

Indigo Blue

Blues have been dominating style in both interiors and fashion for 2020, something set to continue into 2021. Indigo is the perfect blend of statement and subtlety, making for a beautifully balanced space. The depth of this colour makes it perfect for braving some colour as the focus in your space, without having to go too bright. Seamlessly combining contemporary and traditional this tone is the ideal midpoint for those wanting to refresh their space with something new, yet timeless.

Indigo and white: Counteract the boldness of your indigo sofa with some crisp white tones, particularly on the walls. Complement your piece with white accent pillows can neutralise a bold splash of colour giving this the perfect balance for a calming space.

Indigo and Golden Yellow: Bring a gentle balance to the cool undertones of an indigo blue with warm, golden yellows. This combination is perfect for those looking to introduce some serious vibrancy into their home, perfect for colour blocking on the walls and incorporating neutral tones amongst beautifully deep bold tones.

Tobacco Brown: A sure-fire way to neutralise the use of indigo is using deep, warm tobacco colours or tans. These two colours are a match made in heaven, complementing each other perfectly and creating an even balance throughout the space. Try partnering with tobacco or tan accents throughout the couch and the space as a whole, or even some wooden panelling for a truly opulent space for bigger renovation projects.

Mallard Green

A unique tone somewhere between blue and green, a Mallard velvet sofa definitely makes a statement.

Combining the power and popularity of a time-honoured blue and the recently popular greens, the use of this in interiors is set to take off in 2021, and for good reason. Partnered with foundations of neutral tones such as warm beiges or mocha browns, this colour will jump into life becoming the focal statement of any space. Sprinkle some crisp warm orange accents throughout the couch and your space will stun.

Mallard and Beige: These two colours compliment each other completely, giving mallard the floor to stun as a statement piece while balancing the boldness of a focal color. Chunky Knit and macramé accents will bring a refreshing and calm feeling to the space.

Mallard and Gold: Cooler gold accents used against a deep Mallard will give equal balance to both tones, creating an opulent and maximalist feel in spaces. Coupled with a warm stone toned foundation colour these two tones will not dominate too heavily while still packing a punch in the perfect amounts.

Deep Turquoise

The boldest of our picks for velvet sofas, turquoise is climbing the ranks in interior popularity, set to make a big splash in 2021. This aqua tone combines the balance of blue with the positivity of greens and yellows, all radiating from its undertones. Ultimately turquoise might be the choice for you if you are looking for a much more contemporary look from your space.

Turquoise and Petal Pink: Both bold choices this combination is best done subtly, use muted pastel shades against a deeper turquoise and break these up with white or neutral accents.

Turquoise and white: Deep turquoise tones will create an impact on their own, so let them. Bring balance to the space with the use of crisp, white accents and foundation elements to allow the turquoise room to shine without overwhelming the room, particularly in smaller spaces.

Turquoise and Warm Browns: A much more neutral approach to turquoise is to complement this with deep, warm brown tones in elements such as wooden furniture, shelves and decorative elements. Use a foundation of beige on the walls to bring this scheme together and reach the full impact of both tones, together.