As we begin to ponder the trend predictions for this year’s Met Gala, eyes are already on next year’s event with guesses as to what the theme will be in 2020. Fashion fans and bloggers are excitedly looking ahead, wondering what the theme will be and who will be wearing the most expensive and innovative Haute Couture outfits.? As 2020 is such a monumental year, politics and environmental issues may come into play. MenStyleFashion predicts because all luxury car brands will be launching and pioneering their first-ever electric cars in 2020. The Met Gala is an excellent platform for targeting head-on environmental issues, the future is electric after all.


Environment Protests

As our millennials continue to take on an extreme disruptive approach to global warming issues and the word protests have taken on a new level.  Targeting our iconic cities such as Paris and London is why the environmental problems we face have a direct link to the Met Gala Ball. Times are changing and more consumers are demanding their favourite fashion brands do better. The fashion industry has a long way to go before it can claim to be protecting the environment. The Met Gala ball trends and outfits can be seen taking the first steps in the right direction regarding the materials used regarding these outrageous Haute Couture gowns.

What environmental fabrics will be trending for the Met Gala ball? What fashion designer will be leading the way? Will the Clooney’s be the influences leading this pack?

met gala

Political Unrest

There are so many political issues that will continue to impact the way the public reacts to such events as the Met Gala. The reality of rich versus poor and the dividing gap is why a political statement will most definitely take it’s a role here. Could we witness protests such as the likes of Brexit or the green vests dominating and destroying Paris? Will Donald Trump have is wall underway creating more racial division? Will the Met Gala be witness to protest never seen before?

New Kids On The Block

Met Gala Ball may be forced to change the way they invite certain guests. Regarding influences, who could be attending that supports the theme message for 2020? Will Greta Thunberg, the 16-year-old Swedish student, and activist who has been currently nominated for a Nobel Peace Prize for her efforts in climate activism be attending?

Electric Cars

Next year the likes of Audi, Porche, Mercedes, and DS Automobiles will launch their electric cars. So what car brand will be turning up in their electric transport? Or will Tesla be turning up in their fully pledged automated driving vehicles? Which means for the first time ever no human chauffeur is needed to pick up and drop off these celebrities.

DS Automobiles Paris MenStyleFashion Crossback SUV (7)

NASA/Mars Exploration

As technology is ever-changing anything to do with NASA/Mars Exploration is the perfect opportunity for the extremely rich to showcase their money power. What better way to do this than at the Met Gala ball. Will David Beckham be trending his suit let alone his ticket to the moon?


It is clear the Met Gala ball will be forced to give out an environmental and political-themed message. As protestors continue to grow and give out a strong message that these events will no longer be dictated by the likes of  Anna Wintour. Who historically has the power to invite whoever she likes. Could her dated mindset in a fashion not be tolerated any longer?

Who are our new Met Gala leaders for 2020?  Agast who could Anna Wintour be booted out by? Leading the new fashion trends, thanks to the Clooney’s, Meghan Markle and Prince Harry congratulations for being our main hosts.

Meghan Harry