Middle Age Fitness – Getting Fit Tips

Middle Age Fitness – Getting Fit Tips

Being active in your forties and fifties yields incredible long-term benefits. From reduced risk of heart disease and diabetes to increased flexibility and strength, working out and exercise in during middle age will give you a fuller and happier life. Whether you go to the gym or transform your basement with high quality Lifespan Treadmill gym equipment, enjoy the incredible benefits of good health.

Experts like Dr. Pedro Saint-Maurice from the US National Cancer Institute explains that it is never too late to get into shape:


“If you are not active and you get to your 40s-50s and you decide to become active, you can still enjoy a lot of those benefits.”

Research indicates that exercise has substantial benefits for both men and women. The key is to maintain at least several hours of activity, even leisure exercise, each week. One study indicated that it was more beneficial to maintain leisurely exercise every week each day, no matter your agethan to have been rigorously active in your teens and young adult years and then dwindled to nothing as you aged.

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In other words, every person needs to maintain high levels of activity to reap substantial health results each and every day. Even if you have significant physical difficulties, speak with your medical professional about exercises that will keep you active. If possible, engaging in activities that help you maintain a healthy weight, good bone density, and increase strength.

In the 21st century you can enjoy thousands of ways to increase your activity. Here are some great ideas:

  • Transform a room into an exercise room. If you are on a budget, wait until you see exercise equipment for sale
  • Join a walking group and enjoy the benefits of exercise and socialization
  • Buy a gym membership
  • Download a fun app like Zombies, Run! Or Superhero Workout to add an element of fun to your routine
  • When you are home, play energetic music and dance your heart out
  • Start using resistance bands at home.
  • Every day jog with your significant other
  • Join an exercise class with your kids (they WILL keep you on your toes!)
  • Become part of a dance group
  • Train for a walk-a-thon or marathon to raise money for charity
  • Try pool exercises and aquatic aerobics if you need to avoid high impact exercise
  • Plan on being active for one hour at least five days a week
  • Incorporate your daily lifestyle with your exercise like choosing to walk to the grocery store or work instead of taking a car
  • Have a set of small weights in your office for quick strength training throughout the day
  • Walk on a treadmill when watching TV
  • Bike with your family on the weekends
  • Plan active vacations like hiking or rock climbing
  • Attend a Zumbaclass

By remaining active you will reduce chances of cardiovascular disease, Type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure, osteoporosis, and even cancer. Ask your family and friends to work out with you. Enjoy good friends and excellent health for decades to come.

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