From a diamond suit valued at almost $900k to a handmade, everyday suit for $15k, the world of men’s fashion is incredibly vast, and it may surprise you. Luxury clothes for men have been around for quite a few years, it’s a great selection for fashion-aware men that have a cosmopolitan sense of style, and respect and like first-class craftsmanship, high-end materials, and fabrics.

When it comes to luxury clothing for men, you’ll find a handful of options available, it can be difficult to get into the fashion industry and choose the right piece. That’s why, flying to Milan or France to get inspiration is a must, you can find easy-to-book flights, and get there in no time.

By getting to know what makes such authentic luxury clothes for men, and how different pieces of style and design work, it will be a lot easier to get the perfect clothes for your wardrobe.

Why Luxury Clothes?

Luxury clothes are based on high-quality craftsmanship, the use of top-notch materials and fine fabrics, fine finishing work, and high attention to detail. Also, these pieces of clothing are more durable and have complex details, giving its user a nice look and fit.

If you’re a businessman, getting a luxurious suit will help you improve your presence in your area. Luxury fashion is about showing off trust, a style that’s classy, clean, and refined. Business life is all about how you present yourself, and attention to detail is a must, too.

Most High-Priced Clothes for Men in the World

Diamond Suit by Stuart Hughes

Diamond suit

The first item with a price of $892,500 is one of the most expensive pieces of clothing for men in the whole world, it was designed by Stuart Hugh from Liverpool with the help of Richard Jewels from Manchester. The selection of wool is Cashmere blended with silk and many intricate details with diamonds. It took more than 600 hours of hand-made work and has 480 diamonds with an amazing total of 240 cts, placed strategically in the suit.

Bespoke Suits by Alexander Amosu


Alexander Amosu is a World Record Guinness winner for one of the most expensive suits, and they also designed the most expensive Blackberry encrusted with diamonds. No wonder why the Bespoke Suits, with a price of $101,860, are on this list, setting apart Amosu from other designers. He offers opulent and high-end fabrics, and custom accessories tailored specifically for each client, making it one of the most exclusive and in-demand suits in the globe.

The nature of its work is based strongly on top-notch craftsmanship and a lot of experience in tailoring.

Ultimate Bespoke by William Westmancott

William Westmancott suit

If you’re looking for fully traditional, elegant, and opulent suits, this outfit by William Westmancott is for you. At a price of $75,000, this suit doesn’t have any machine stitch, everything has been sewn by hand. Tailored by the most skilled crafters, with the use of top materials and fabrics, a custom piece is made especially for the client, making each suit unique.