Shape Your Body With The Use Of Compression Wear

Shape Your Body With The Use Of Compression Wear



Compression wear

Working hard in the gym everyday to gain that perfect body shape is not everyone’s cup of tea. However there are solutions available that can help you with a better posture and more sculptured body look. Enter the world of compression wear also known as shapewear, which is a special fabric to enhance the male body contours to give you that sleek and tough look.

Strammer Max Shirts

Strammer Max is one of the leading brands in the world of shapewear, its shirts are designed to enhance your looks by making the problem areas like stomach and chest disappear and by shaping the contours of your body. Strammer Max has studied the trends in competitive sports, physiotherapy and ergonomics and used this in combination with ultra modern materials to provide a shirt that you have to experience.  You have to try it on to feel the effect it can have on you.

strammer max body shapping shirt

The benefits of using a Strammer Max shirt:

  • Bodyshaping – those problem areas will go, Strammer Max narrows your waist and shapes your chest. You will have the look of an athlete.
  • Posuture – By incorporating Back ShaeUp zones, the Strammer Max shirt will support your shoulders and back muscles and promote a powerful and straight posture. This will avoid problems associated by poor posture.
  • Circulation  – the compression effects of shapewear reduces muscle vibrations and stimulates blood circulation.
  • Fat Burn Effect – cell metabolisim is stimulated by the compression effect, this boost the fat burning.

All these benefits come with a shirt that is also very breathable, guaranteeing you a cool and dry feeling.

strammer max shirt before after

Stammer Max Socks

Socks are another area which are useful for shapewear. Special compression zones in the socks help support the muscles and improve circulation. Circulation is very important when it comes to long haul flights. The compression of the socks also help stabilize the foot and ankle. Strammer Max socks come in two styles, the sports line and the classic line for use in the office.

strammer max socks Protection Status

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