Motorbike Fashion Gear – 5 Luxury Investments You Must Make

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Motorbike Fashion Gear

As a man thinks in his heart, so he is. If I had to define a man’s character, personality and image. It would be in the form of a motorbike. Loud, fast, empowering and impressionable. For this reason, gentleman let me take you on a journey. That will blow your mind and inspire you to update your motorbike gear.

Leather Jackets Versus A Motorbike Leather Jacket

The main factor here is that a motorcycle-specific jacket has more than just leather. It has armor in the elbows, forearms, shoulders, and all along the back. They have double or triple stitching along the seams. Your ‘regular’ leather jacket isn’t designed to stay in place when you crash. So when you’re sliding at 30-60mph a road rash can be nasty. The choice is yours, style versus safety try and combine the two.

Ride in Denim

Once again it’s style versus comfort. So today I am going for comfort. G-Star Raw. Over the last few months its jean designs for men seems to be inspired from motorbike leather trousers. It has a huge selection of jeans and some have padding in all the right places. One I would recommend going for is called Type C, the extremely tapered 3D design.

Motorcycle Boots

If you are riding for long periods of time the outer sole of the boot should be shock and vibration absorbent. Most biker boots for men have a strong heel that reaches the ankle. Proper biker boots have special protection that allows them not to damage easily. Motorbike boots protect your feet from flying objects. Leather boots are durable and comfortable, don’t sacrifice quality for price but choose your style well.

Ateliers Ruby Helmets

Today I am promoting Ateliers Ruby Helmets. The Parisian designer Jerome Coste drew on Steve McQueen iconography, old-school racing. The new range of luxury motorcycle helmets from Ateliers Ruby is described as  “good looks – for everyday heroes and heroines”.  The ‘inside garnish’ (to quote Coste) is a soft lining of decadent burgundy nappa lambskin. It’s comfortable and has anti-bacterial technology. There are many different collections within his range. What I love about this label is that they are accompanied by a twill silk scarves in various retro racing car shades.


When your are choosing leather gloves go for neon or bright patches and linings. The reason being it’s reflective in the dark and you can be seen more. As for colours options, you can opt for contrast or match your gloves with your motorcycle jacket. The choices of labels are endless just like a pair of shoes you have to try many on until one suits you.

Read more tips on chosing your gloves here.

Ateliers Ruby Helmets for Motorbikes soft lining of decadent burgundy nappa lambskin

Soft lining of decadent burgundy nappa lambskin 


UGG Tatum black leather padded boots

BLITZ Motorbike custom BMW

BLITZ Motorbike create your own custom made motorbikeType C, the extremely tapered 3D design. G _ Star Raw Jeans for men

Paddy Considine Motorbike Leather Jacket

Choose the style that suits you

Boda Skins Luxury Leather Jackets Signature Sleeves.

Boda Skins Luxury Leather Jackets

BLITZ Motorbike custom BMW


BELSTAFF motorbike leather jackets for-men

BLITZ Custom Made motorbikes 1963

BLITZ motobikes

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