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Cole and Parker have designed their socks with an intention, to start businesses. Intentional design has always been present in men’s fashion. Understanding what you intend to accomplish is critical in putting together a confident and quality style.

This Is about Rad Socks!

For example, a young entrepreneur is set to pitch three very influential business people. His start-up model is cutting edge, and he believes in it vehemently. The stakes are extremely high, and these people value their time above all else. He has no choice but to set the tone for this meeting immediately. The old adage never judge a book by its cover is lost on three individuals whose keys to success have been making split second decisions following only their gut. If this entrepreneur shows up wearing an outfit that does not match his intentions, he has missed a crucial opportunity to grab the attention of the people whose approval he desperately seeks. His inability to set the tone by putting together a strategic intentionally designed outfit has undermined his ability to prove the authenticity of his vision.

Now, this isn’t an article about how to properly match a purple tie with a grey suit to show your audience that you are level headed with creative vision. This isn’t about pairing the black suit with the red power tie to set the tone at the Monday morning sales meeting. This is about truly understanding what you intend to accomplish, and wearing those intentions with style and confidence, in any situation. This is about rad socks!

Get Noticed

In today’s market, you must be bold and creative to get noticed. In order to be successful you have to develop authentic relationships with everyone you deal with, and that means always delivering a top quality product that people can trust. Most important of all, you must appeal to what people truly care about, and offer them something they truly value. Cole and Parker have captured these imperatives to success and integrated them into a truly unique collection of designer socks. They are bold, colorful, and creative. These socks will get you noticed. And what makes them so unique is that they actually start businesses!

Entrepreneurship is at the core of Cole and Parker. Founders Jeff House and Diana Charabin started the company with the intention of supporting entrepreneurs both locally and abroad. Proceeds from the sales of Cole and Parker socks are loaned through their partner Kiva to fund entrepreneurs in the third world. Once these initial loans are repaid the money is re-invested, creating a continuous cycle of support for entrepreneurs in need. This model is a true example of how much impact ones intentions can have when paired with quality design.

Importance of Socks

Remember, whether you are putting together an outfit for the biggest meeting of your life, or just getting together for a drink with friends, style comes from confidence, and confidence comes from conviction. Take the time to analyse what you intend to accomplish in each situation and how you intend to get there. Focus on what motivates you, and the things you care about most. When you begin to understand those things, your style will fall effortlessly into place. That being said, NEVER forget the importance of a good sock!

coleandparker socks for men


coleandparker socks for men


coleandparker socks for men


coleandparker socks for men


coleandparker socks for men

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