Motorbike Travel – 5 Reasons To Get You To Work

Motorbike Travel – 5 Reasons To Get You To Work

Whilst lockdown restrictions have been eased slightly to allow more of us to return to work, it’s still incredibly unsafe in this current climate to use public transport for commuting. Indeed, many have claimed it’s simply impossible to maintain the safe 2-metre distance whilst using commuting on buses and trains. This has led to scenes of heavy congestion across the country, as millions have returned to work and many of those that would usually take public transport have instead turned to their cars.

We’ve been told that walking or cycling to work is the best course of action, but for those of us that have to commute many miles to and from work every day, this might not be realistic. There’s one potential form of transport, however, that appears to have been overlooked by many – the good old fashioned motorbike. According to the MCIA, there has been a dramatic decrease in motorcycle registration in the past year, with a 26.7% decrease in London alone.

So it’s a form of transport that has been overlooked but why should you be considering using a motorbike as your commuting vehicle during this unprecedented time?

Motorbike Travel - 5 Reasons To Get You To Work


The most obvious benefit. Taking a motorbike to work is probably the fastest route to work possible in this current environment. Not only is it faster than cycling and walking but the lack of traffic you’ll face also means it’s faster than driving too.


It’s simple, the cost of motorbike insurance is significantly lower than the cost of car insurance.  Not only that, but it costs less to fill up a motorbike and the ticket price of most bikes is also much lower than their four-wheeled counterparts.

Escaping The Crowds

There is a sheer joy in being able to bob and weave through traffic on a two-wheeled commute, avoiding the incredible traffic jams that are bound to arrive in the coming weeks and months. There’s a sense of freedom in owning a motorbike and once you’ve experienced it, you’ll never want to go back to four wheels.

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Lower Stress

You might not consider riding a motorbike to be a particularly relaxing experience, but you’d be surprised. Indeed, there is actually something quite zen about it (as long as you remember to keep your wits about you, of course).

Editor of Carole Nash, and former editor of Motorcycle News, Marc Potter said: “It has long been scientifically proven that riding motorcycles and scooters has a positive effect on mental health. And, as commuters look to get away from using public transport for getting back to work because of social distancing and COVID-19, it’s quicker, safer, and cheaper to ride a bike to work than use public transport. In fact, riding a bike is the ultimate in social distancing!”


Being that much smaller, it’s so much easier to find a parking space for a motorbike. For those that work in a city centre, this will be a particularly significant benefit. Parking is also often cheaper, which feeds neatly into the final reason.

So, if you trade in your four wheels for two then you might end up with a nice tidy pay packet. Maybe you could put it towards a holiday to look forward to once the world returns to normal. Protection Status

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