Alva Park Costa Brava Resort & Spa – East Asia In Spain

Alva Park Costa Brava Resort & Spa – East Asia In Spain

Alva Park Resort & Spa is located on the Costa Brava in Spain. It is set in a seaside town of Lloret de Mar, and it is only a 1-minute walk from the beautiful Fenals Beach. This luxurious all-suite resort & spa is very unusual because of its East Asian touches that are everywhere, this is not very common here in Spain. The attention to detail of fresh orchids and East Asian artwork gave an instant luxurious feel about my stay. I was first introduced to this resort & spa when I did my Audi review for the R8 Spyder back in October. I was so taken by this resort, I had to return to experience it in full.



1-minute walk from Fenals Beach


I will be very honest from the outside appearance, this hotel & spa does not reflect at all what it has to offer inside. From the moment I walked into Alva Park, it impressed me more and more. The artwork throughout the Alva Park was very refreshing to see and gave me an instant feel of East Asia. I know Spain extremely well and I can assure you the standard of what is deemed 5-star can vary greatly. On this occasion, everything around this resort & spa was of a very high standard and very well maintained and it certainly ticked all the 5-star boxes. Everywhere throughout Alva Park were fresh orchids of all shapes and sizes, which was amazing. There is something about orchids that just brought out a very relaxed atmosphere during my stay. Throughout the reception and lounge areas, there was plenty of beautifully crafted art work.


The Junior Suite

Passing through the artwork and more amazing orchids of different sizes and colours, I entered the room, which I was literally impressed by. It was an endless set of decent size rooms, four to be exact which made it so much fun. Then there was a small corridor when you first enter the room which you were greeted by more artwork and a very big separate toilet.

Make sure you slide all the doors because I could not find my luggage and I called reception. To be then told that behind those light shaded, discrete doors was a dedicated walk-in wardrobe, which was fabulous. I hate mess in my room, as I work a lot during my stay. So having this in my room I could just throw my wardrobe and shoes as I chose too and close the door behind me.

The suite also had a dedicated office within the small granite kitchen. This area also housed a desk and this was the place I was working and writing this review at 5 am in the morning. Behind another set of closed doors was my partner in crime who was sound asleep. The Alva Park Resort & Spa offered the best quality when it came to hot drinks with Fortnum and Mason tea and an endless amount of Nespresso coffee. There was also a wide selection of drinks in the mini bar, which was not so mini after all.

The artwork in the glass cabinets,  displaying throughout the junior suite was something I have never seen in any other hotels during my 75 reviews so far. It is really lovely to experience and it gives it such an opulent feel-good factor. Just loved it, a touch of East Asia in Spain.

Alva Park Costa Brava artwork displayed

Alva Park Costa Brava kitchenette

The small room housing the desk a reading chair, granite kitchen and of course lots of art.

The greeting book was one of the most extensive and personalized I have ever experienced. My name was on every page, which was gorgeous memorabilia.


The Gigantic Bed

When I saw the bed I just giggled and I had to send out a tweet.  There was room for at least four people to sleep with me. It was the biggest bed I have slept into date regarding any hotel or resort. These moments are what makes my stay so much more interesting. Plenty of comfort and plenty of pillows to watch one of my favourite TV brands Bang & Olufsen. The phone system was also from the same brand. For me, I loved the high-quality items within the Alva Park.


The Bathroom With Jacuzzi Bath

When I checked in, the staff were so excited to share that I had a Jacuzzi in my suite. When entering I could not believe the size of the dedicated bathroom. Once again there was so much space for me to soak up a gorgeous stay and chill in my Jacuzzi anytime I wanted to. I was greeted by a big box of products by Molton Brown, which is also throughout  Alva Park.  There was a dedicated big shower and a TV for you to watch, whilst in the Jacuzzi. There was also a separate toilet with a door so those nasty smelling odours don’t need to be tolerated by anyone. The wooden floors throughout my room were lovely and the all rooms were spotless.


Spa & Swimming Pool

There are two options for swimming. From my junior suite, it was nice to be greeted by a decent size balcony overlooking the gorgeous outdoor swimming pool. It was a tad too cold outside for me to enjoy the water, it was early November.

Alongside this was the most spectacular work of art when entering the indoor spa. There was a long corridor of art to then be greeted by a dark wooden door. You need to pull on a curtain rope to enter and the slow automatic doors gave me a sense of real anticipation.

I was then greeted by the smell of fresh saltwater from the indoor pool. This reminded me of when I grew up in Australia close to the ocean. There was nothing better than swimming in natural saltwater. This dedicated saltwater plunge pool, left my skin feeling amazing and it also helped me with relaxing my sore muscles. You have to let staff know when you want to enter and regarding children. Don’t worry during peak times they are not allowed in. This was just a stunningly unique area and not found often in Spain. There was a gym, steam room, Jacuzzi and sauna in another section of the Alva Park which was also lovely. Once again everything was of a very high standard and well maintained.


Kids Club

The Alva Park has excellent kids facilities, situated right near the outdoor pool and this was opened from 10am till 6pm. You could also order lunch and the food was great for kids. This club had the best bandaloom making opportunities I have ever seen in a kids club.



The presentation of the breakfast room was lovely and the selection of what you can eat was of a very high standard. The Japanese food was excellent during my stay with Audi.

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Alva Park Resort & Spa has to be one of the best places I have stayed in Spain. Trust me I have stayed in a lot of hotels in Spain over the last 20 years. The maintenance, the staff, the food, the indoor saltwater plunge pool and the rooms were all brilliant. The quality of top brands used here is an example of taking 5 Star luxury very seriously. Everything worked very well, nothing was too much effort and for me, this is why I would encourage anyone staying around the Costa Brava to spend their cash here. But the best feature is all the Asian artwork on display throughout the Alva Park.

The drive around the Costa Brava both by day and by night is stunning. If you are flying out of Girona airport, the Alva Park Costa Brava is an only 25-minute drive. This is a perfect place to enjoy the Costa Brava. A big thanks to Alva Park for my most unique and fabulous experience in Spain so far.

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  • Room Reviewed: Junior Suite – from €580
  • Website:
  • Address: Francesc Layret 3-5, Platja De Fenals, 17310 Lloret de Mar, Spain
  • Phone: +34 972 36 85 81

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