Moustache and Beard Products – Can You Handlebar

Moustache and Beard Products – Can You Handlebar
Chris Chasseaud London Fashion Week

Moustache and Beard Products

No doubt Chris Chasseaud dominated London Fashion Week on a men, style, fashion front. His Dent de man suits rocked the arena. Not everyone can look this amazing in a floral African suit. However if beard envy is anything to go by Chris literally stopped everyone in their tracks. In an exclusive interview Chris describes his humble daily experiences that he encounters. In a nutshell his beard, makes every girl literally go gaga.

Interview with Chris Chasseaud on Beard Products

My beard gets me a lot of attention – more than when I didn’t have one. It’s also become an integral part of my look. Every beard needs and deserves some TLC to maintain a healthy appearance, and the labour of love needed to look after it is well worth it. It definitely pays off, as the compliments keep flooding in, and is ice-breaker for any conversation. The beard also helps me look effortlessly cool and comfortable when dressing smart.

Can You Handlebar

Chris is a user of Can you Handlebar products to maintain his beard.

Handlebar Beard related notes
  • Oil is natural: Though some perceive beard oil to be cosmetic, this is only partially true. The truth is, a good beard oil restores what nature intended all along. The skin on our face produces oils that nourish hair; however, we wash it out regularly when we shower.
  • Provide for your skin: The two components of a beard are the hair itself and the skin underneath. Even an attractive looking beard can become unattractive if the wearer must constantly scratch the hair underneath or if the skin becomes flaky. Be sure to moisturize the underlying skin and use a beard oil that soothes and nourishes the skin as well
  • As a versatile accessory: A beard can add to nearly any lifestyle and can be groomed or trimmed to match any season. In addition to the functional benefits like warmth in the cooler months and sun protection in warmer months, a beard can frame positive facial features as well as give the impression of youth, maturity, a strong facial profile, or intrigue. The wearer has tremendous flexibility.

Chris Chasseaud - London Fashion Week

Handlebar Moustache Related Notes
  • Selecting a product category: Products tend to break down into either water soluble glues or traditional waxes. Glues like gels, hair sprays and convenience store mustache products provide control but lack flexibility, convenient touch-up options, or resistance to moisture and humidity. Traditional beeswax based products, like CanYouHandlebar mustache wax provides considerable hold, easy touch-up and the comfort of a ritual that dates back centuries
  • Finding a style: From the ironic handlebar to a classic gentleman’s adornment to a relaxed and playful punctuation, a handlebar moustache casts a wide fashion net. Equal parts nostalgic and whimsical, it is at home on the faces of bookish introverts or spontaneous rabble-rousers.
  • Application: a proper beeswax based moustache wax is best applied when the hair is towel dry, starting from the inside of the moustache, under the nose, and worked into the hair all the way to the extremities with the end turned up as a final salute. A gentleman with a proper moustache should pocket a can of wax. My pocket carries Primary6 “natural hold” moustache wax, as one might expect.
  • For the novice: A handlebar tends to take about three months to reach maturity and moustache wax should be applied throughout the process beginning toward the end of the second or third week. Despite the temptation, the hairs in the middle of the moustache should be preserved and allowed to grow the full length so that they may be incorporated into the curls for a full bodied look. A gentleman’s guide to proper moustache wax application available here.

Moustache Wax

Primary6is a handcrafted wax that provides a balanced hold. Are you a laid back gentleman that would prefer to encourage your hairs rather than resorting to the use of force? This is your wax. This all-natural formula smells great and contains no artificial dyes or fragrances. It provides one-ounce of the hold you need but still lets you pull off the “wax, nah, it just grows that way” if you want. But as you know, gentlemen don’t lie, so we know you’d never pull such shenanigans.

Chris Chasseaud - London Fashion Week


handlebar beard products

Beard Dry Oil

Dry Oil (DO)is a premium hand-crafted beard oil, with a twist. Like all beard oils, Dry Oil Provides the oils that hairs crave producing a healthy shine that makes beards and goatees look great. The product is called a “dry” oil because we add just enough beeswax to make the oil solid at room temperature. This makes it easy and quick to apply. Just shower, dry your hair and apply the oil directly from the can. In 15 seconds, your beard or goatee will look awesome (with no oily fingers!).
Chris Chasseaud - London Fashion Week
Chris you are Menstylefashion

handlebar beard products


Chris Chasseaud - London Fashion Week

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