I watched the Godfather 3 when Andy Garcia displayed the hairiest chest I have seen in a long time. I grew up in an Italian family where scary hairy chests and backs were the norm. There was no male grooming regarding waxing a man’s hair. In fact, scary hairy chests were a display of manhood.

Pondering on 2021 where around the globe the salons are closed and getting a man’s haircut let alone his chest waxed has come to a halt. So I am wondering is this the return of the scary hair chest?

For some sexual recession is upon them too. So it means if you choose to wax. Why would you when no one is there to see you’re waxed back, chest,  or crack?

Andy Garcia Hairy Chest

I do love his smoking jacket, it is a good way to cover the hairy chest.

Hairy Attraction

Do you find hairy chests attractive? When is it too hairy and the time to wax? I personally thank God my husband is not that hairy. I find super hairy men reminding me of a gorilla era. My brother inlaw is unbelievably hairy and looks very scary. I can’t even fathom why God allowed so much hair on a man? At the same time, he is bald. I rather have a man with hair on his head and a bald chest of hair.

What if you have fallen in love with the scary hairy man and he does not want to wax?

Lockdown Scary Hairy

How are you handling the experience of your man who used to wax and cannot? Are you finding him less or more attractive? Are you having less or more sex due to the hairs on your man’s back, or chest? Or are you finding that after so many years of him waxing seeing hair on his chests does not bother you anymore?

Where is the compromise when it comes to your loved one not wanting to wax anymore? There are many solutions now regarding the male grooming side of getting your back and chest waxed.

Beach Babe

Do you find the hairy heartthrob attractive when on the beach?

wax man chest

Male Grooming

It takes a lot of convincing for my loved one to hear to the Barbour and get some kind of waxing. But once he is there he adores all the pampering that comes with it. My top tip is to book a treatment for both him and a mate. So they go in knowing if nothing else but the pain. They will have a male bonding session of some sort.

In my case, it’s always about reminding my husband he can have more sex if he gets a wax, body scrub or his feet manicured.

This worked every single time, so try it.

Genrational Hair trends

My father would have never got his chest waxed nor my brothers in their fifties. There was no pressure to do so. it’s only in the last 15 years it’s all changed. I remember interviewing David Gandy top made underwear model. And saw his waxed chest and tonk chest. It seemed not natural to see a man without hair on his chest.

It’s all about personal preferences of what the individual deems manly after all. And what makes a woman go crazy for a man.

So is it fair to say due to pressures of male magazines such as ours. And the fashion magazines portraying a bald chest. The pressure for men today seems to be that the scray hairy chest will never be attractive.

Would 2021 be the year where it’s all about back to basics and getting your chest let alone your haircut is not that essential anymore?

In the meantime don’t be afraid to share your opinion on the scary hairy chests.