Our message is simple we want to inspire men to dress well. Our social media has grown because of our followers who continue to send images of their personal style. I was really excited to see when one of our followers called Reden Villahermosa from the Philippines tweeted this image. This is his story.

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For almost a year working as a freelance photographer, I always want my clients to look good in their pictures. I make their special day amazing by producing great images. And in producing great images, one thing that is crucial to a professional photoshoot is the man’s personal sense of style. I give them advice on what to wear in a certain location or mood. Certain outfits on a shoot, if you get it wrong, look terrible. I always have some backup wardrobe emergencies because let’s face it if the shoot looks bad it reflects on my work.  I am a huge fan of MenStyleFashion and I always like to read different stories. One that caught my eye was this article about the return of the nerds. I was inspired by this article.

I realized my 21st birthday is fast approaching and in the Philippines this is a big deal for men. I decided to share with the world my own photo shoot and personal sense of style. For me it was not a big challenge to transform myself, because I always do it for my clients. But it was a lot harder than I thought because I couldn’t decide what statement I wanted to create at the age of 21. It seemed I had two messages and they were contradicting  each other. I don’t know what to wear! And perhaps I am just a plain guy who wears boring shirts, jeans and snickers. I realized I have really neglected myself through my teenage years.  It’s only a week before my birthday and I need to do the shoot now! OMG who am I at 21?

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Who Am I At 21

I pulled my hair out. I sat relaxed and searched for miracles, what would we do without google. I visited some blogs but the content didn’t impress me enough until I bumped into MenStyleFashion “we show you how” and it already sounded amazing. Let’s see I thought ii this on-line magazine could really inspire me or in their own words show you how to crate your own style.

I was reading some articles until I came across the article where I the words  “sleeky geek” and “Nerdy Chic” caught my eye. I definitely love the whole article it then gave me an idea on what I personally defined as Sleeky, Geeky and Nerdy. No time for shopping I just went through my wardrobe and this is what I came up with.

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For this shoot I tried to come up with 3 looks with one soft fabric denim polo, shorts. I know they call it another way and I forgot what it is, suede boots. But hey this is my shoot and I can create a new few words regarding menswear. For my accessories, I have nerdy glasses and goofy shades, which are stereotypical when it comes to the nerd look. I also had a brown leather watch, leather bracelets and a brown leather belt, more in tune with the word sleek. Then my playful socks which expressed the quirky side of me.


For my hair I tried to achieve that sleek look, my hair undercut says it all.  But I guess the hair got messy when I tried to change it for different looks. This is me at 21 and I would encourage any guy to send in their story and professional shots to MenStyleFashion. Let my trend begin and you never know they might just feature you too to share to the world. That they certainly inspire you to think about your personal style.

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