With the hype of LC:M still on full charge and jetting over to continue as Men’s Fashion Week in Paris and Milan over the weekend we still have much more surprises from the high fashion designers to look forward to.

This January I had been fortunate enough to have been invited to a few shows at London Collection : Mens by a friend I had met last year at LFW, where I had got badly bitten by the fashion bug, I definitely wasn’t going to turn this opportunity down.

Three B’s, Black Brown and Blue

That morning I went to my wardrobe looking in desperation for what to wear! What with it being winter I automatically chose the dark colors, I went for the three B’s, black brown and blue, with a simple plain white shirt from Marks and Spencer, great value for money and a great fit.

My trousers were just plain black skinny/fitted from Versace, the only pair of black trousers I own.

To complete the look I wore an Aston Martin double breasted blazer made by Bespoke HQ, a high end high quality designer in the heart of Clerkenwell, tailored individually for each customer. the Aston Martin range produced is of a limited quantity and some only one off pices wich makes the exclusivity even more inviting and exciting to wear.

My shoes are black patent and suede leather from Dolce & Gabbana accented by a pair of blood red socks from Ralph Lauren to show a sense of humour.

I decided to wear my coat over the shoulder from Reiss and brown leather gloves from Massimo Dutti and my face was framed by a pair of extremely comfortable sunglasses by Scarlet & Soho.

So now I was ready for LC:M. I made my way to Bloomsbury Square to meet my friends I was attending some shows with. When I arrived I was bombarded with camera lenses which was quite overwhelming but an extremely cool and surreal experience at the same time. As I began to walk across the square, a very nice woman approached me asking if she could take a few pictures, and of course, it was my pleasure, I wasn’t definitely going to say no!!

She continued to direct me to do a couple of different pose/walks which i was obliged to do, and thought it was quite fun. After she was finished taking photos, I was curious what she was going to do wit them, so i asked, and she casually replied “oh you’ll be in Vogue on Monday”

Vogue on Monday – Oh you’re having a laugh aren’t you?

Sort of stunned in the moment, I stopped myself in my typical Essex accent saying “oh your having a laugh aren’t you” I thought either you have a great sense of humor or i’m actually going to be in Vogue on Monday. Monday came, and out of curiosity I had to look and low and behold there the bloody hell I was. Stunned Fascinated Shocked Overwhelmed Chuffed to say the least. I actually made it in Vogue! Ok ok I know its not that big a deal, its not a feature or anything, but I just wasn’t expecting it! I was chuffed as the whole thing was and is completely new to me, and Vogue has been described as the bible of fashion, so I thought blimey I must be doing something right!! for once.

My experience at LC:M got off to a flying start and continued to be photographed by GQ magazine and Getty images to name a few, I was amazed.

The day progressed and I went to see the presentation by Ede & Ravenscroft which had a typical Edwardian feel to it! The building it was held in was a typical Edwardian style, It made me feel like I had gone back in time and just boarded the Titanic. The clothes were amazing! the attention to detail was perfect! this era has an air of class and sophistication about it.

The next show on the list was YMC! and OMG it was brilliant. The whole set up the music the lights the atmosphere not to mention the clothes. I was sat directly opposite from Oliver Cheshire, and was admiring his beautiful suit from Hardy Amies rather the clothes going down the catwalk.

Brad Meets – CEO of MenStyleFashion

After the show had finished we made our way back to Bloomsbury Square. My friends had vanished from sight so I waited for them outside the LC:M building. A couple of minuets passed looking at my phone, I lifted my head and saw a man and woman making a b-line right my way both a vision in fashion! impeccably dressed! Smiling and saying hello the lady went on to ask what do you do and what are you doing here, foolishly stuck for words I replied “Oh I’m here with a few friends just having a laugh”, and that reply sparked a friendship with the owner of this magazine I am writing for today the wonderful Ms Gracie Opulanza.

Gracie responded, I’m never In Vogue I’m Ahead of it.