New Year’s Cheer Somewhere Not So Near?

New Year’s Cheer Somewhere Not So Near?

When it comes to New Year’s Eve, quite often we find the immortal words of the musician Alex Turner to be true – “anticipation has a habit to set you up for disappointment”. Billed as the hottest night of the year, many of us have too many memories of spending the evening in jam packed pubs and clubs, eagerly forecasting that the real fun is just around the corner, only for you to find yourself walking home (because there are no taxis), cursing the overpriced let down of an evening that is was. While almost anywhere you care to think of will be bustling with revellers, if you plan sufficiently, you can make this New Years the best yet.

Why not take a trip abroad to welcome in the New Year this year? You may find a last minute deal, or alternatively, you can begin planning for 2016/17!

Here’s our top four tips for New Year destinations:

New York, USA

Offering an atmosphere that few cities can rival, New York is first on our list. Possessing a captivating and intangible magic that floats through the cities iconic streets, New York is the best place in the world to be on the 31st of December. The feeling on the street around 10pm on New Year’s Eve is incomparable to anywhere else in the world. Get yourself to Times Square to count in the bells.


New York Times Square – New years eve

Rio De Janeiro, Brazil

In a city best known for its flamboyant carnivals, it’s no surprise that they throw one hell of a New Year’s party. The party location for this particular evening is the cities world famous Copacabana Beach, where over 2 million party goers pack onto its sandy shores. Brazil is home to a colourful party culture where extroverted dancing types take to the streets to bring some flavour to the festivities.


Watch the fireworks at Copacabana

Sydney, Australia

Granted, Sydney is also quite some way away from home, but it’s so worth it. Home to the largest firework display in the world, with views across the harbour, the opera house and the harbour bridge, Sydney is no stranger to throwing a party. More than a million people will be celebrating alongside you, and with a stunning air and water show accompanying the fireworks display, it’s not hard to see why.


Sydney harbour with the harbour bridge. Amazing scenery.

Berlin, Germany

This multicultural metropolitan city is rapidly gaining a stellar reputation as the mecca of hipster chic and a tech startup hub, with people hosting new business ventures on the web left, right and centre. More than that, though, Berlin is also referred to by many as the party capital of Europe, so if you fancy staying in Europe, what better place to go? It boasts a huge inventory of world class nightclubs, including the infamous temple of techno Berghain, in addition to offering several high profile street parties on New Year’s Eve. Remember to duck when you hear the sizzling of a firework fuse though, it can get a bit wild!


Brandenburger gate – Berlin’s Icon for new years. Protection Status

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