Yesterday I got the sad news that George Michael passed away. He was such an iconic singer of the age that I grew up in that I had to stand still about what he did mean to me and what his songs and style was all about. George Michael was an English singer/songwriter, musician, and music producer. He first came to fame in the 1980s when he and friend, Andrew Ridgeley, began to perform together as WHAM. While still a member of this duo, he released his first solo hit “Careless Whisper”, which sold approximately six million copies.

I grew up following the iconic musicians of the eighties and the nighties. This era will never ever be repeated and therefore only now do I treasure those moments. Within this era, the skill, the drive, hard work and talent that singers and artists had to demonstrate to the public is one, that I have the most respect for.

The raw talent demonstrated by theses two male artists is why there can only be one ever WHAM. That high pitch voice, we all know to well, was George Michael! How many of us had WHAM posters sticky taped in our bedroom walls. I have to say years down the track, I was so gutted that they were lovers. Only because I was single at the time. But it did not change the respect I had for Georges’ voice.

George Michael for Wham!

You Gotta Have Faith!

It is the favourite of all songs for me. But what was ironic regarding this word Faith, is that George Michael didn’t have any faith!  In fact, he was gripped by fear, the fear of dying! The fear of confronting death! Which he did many times during his drug addiction years. George was fighting over the years his own demons that he created and chose to delve into.

Any drug addict will confess, that drugs mess with the mind and the soul. Paranoia grips you and drug addicts can never distinguish between life or death. What is real and what is fantasy. I am so glad for the few years that he chose, to share his God-given talents to the world.

George Michael Wham!

WHAM – Hair Style And Slogan Party T – Shirts

WHAM, was the era of the short crop in your face Slogan party T-Shirts! Remember the WHAM Choose Life, T-Shirt? It was also the gym opportunity for those men to wear T-Shirts to show off their biceps. Alongside that,  George Michael’s hairstyles over the course of his career also was a trend that impacted the way guys chose and wore their hair. His amazing medium length wavy hairstyle would always look fabulously healthy and one man just had to adopt.

TREND Prediction

My trend prediction even if it’s for nostalgic reasons. Is that his hairstyle for 2017 and statement slogan t-shirts will hit our high streets once again. I will be looking out for it!

80s t-shirts Wham!

George michael Wham!

WHAM! Last Christmas

For those who believe, Christmas is actually the day Jesus was born. Is it not ironic that the very iconic song we all know so well, Last Christmas! Is the very day that God decided to take George Michael home.

Wonder what heaven is doing right now? Jesus to a Child comes to mind!  And in this case, literally meeting and greeting Jesus himself.

George Michael